be a blender GE pro now !!

if the links below don’t work , or you want them in one file , here goes

be a pro in blender game engine

i have created a 30 video tuts for blender game engine , and i’m wondering … have i to sell them all ? ok i will upload 5 of them now

EDIT : now they are all free

note : you will need Techsmith’s ( free video codec to run all files

Name *Size Properties

seperating views
001-gui-preparing.avi 359424 [Video Clip]

top, front, side, and camera viewports
002-viewports.avi 208384 [Video Clip]

crating 3D objects

003-creating-objects.avi 399872 [Video Clip]

004grs.avi 809984 [Video Clip]

shading modes
005-shade-mode.avi 376320 [Video Clip]

simple 3D modeling in Blender
006-simple-modeling.avi 3347456 [Video Clip]

working with pivots
007-pivots.avi 662528 [Video Clip]

duplicating, joining, parenting and separating
008-DJPS.avi 1697792 [Video Clip]

logic brick (Motion actuator)
009-e-object-motion.avi 1738240 [Video Clip]

keyboard sensor & visibility actuator
010-keyboard-visibility.avi 1229824 [Video Clip]

realtime (inGame) textures
011-realtime-texture.avi 742400 [Video Clip]

changing UV map coordinates
012-uv-mapping.avi 1248768 [Video Clip]

applying reflection maps
013-reflection-map.avi 1299968 [Video Clip]

applying alpha maps
014-alpha-mapping.avi 1618432 [Video Clip]

making a simple game (application of the above)
015-1st-simple-game.avi 2342400 [Video Clip]

physics I (basics)
016-physics1.avi 2638848 0x0,1 [Video Clip]

physics II ( gravity + other Physics ) & changing realtime bg color
017-p2-graviety-bgcolor.avi 721920 [Video Clip]

physics III
018-physics3.avi 1475072 [Video Clip]

physics IIII (dyn properties)
019-p3-dyn.avi 667648 [Video Clip]

recorded motion in realtime (game engine)
020-ipo1.avi 1465344 [Video Clip]

make the camera follow the object
022-cam-follows-obj.avi 432640 [Video Clip]

adding sounds and music in your game
023-sound.avi 2092544 [Video Clip + audio]

understanding controllers
024-controllers.avi 195584 [Video Clip]

vertex painting
025-vp.avi 1075712 [Video Clip]

*make your own alpha map with the gimp then export to Blender
026-gimp-alpha-maps.avi 994816 [Video Clip]

importing dxf files, & LSCM mapping method
027-dxf-import-lscm.avi 2744000 [Video Clip]

a blend file shows an application of the most of the above
robot.blend 567000 [Blend file]
there is no link now

UV mapping techniques such as mirroring & others
029-uv-techniques.avi 1103872 [Video Clip]

030-learn fadeing between scenes … in realtime engine (((with sound)))

new tutorials will be added soon… also for free :wink:

i hope that those tuts are good for the begginers

i don’t now if they will be working on linux , if they didn’t work go to an internet caf’e with windows OS …

my greets / dia’a el khawaldeh

Sorry, can’t see them all do to slow internet modem. %|

Umm, What Codec are you using. I cant get any of them to play.


Thus far they are basic blender usage, not game engine specific. If your video tutorial set is complete it might be nice to have available. Instead of through Elysiun you might see if the foundation would host them - likely to get more exposure that way…


and from 011 to 29 , they ar all for blender Ge

thank you alot , i will not upload the rest tell the thread is sticky … :o
no it is just a joke … :expressionless:

I’ve seen almost all those video tutorials. It’s indeed really handy for those who want to archive something with blender’s game engine.
Personally I have a few comments on those videos.
It would be better to make them a little slower, cause it’s goes too fast for beginners, but well they can pause it.
Besides that, also add some comment before you give a link, like: This is a game engine tutorial about making object visible and such.

Further, great job. I made it sticky because a lot of people are working with the engine and keep asking how to do things. I hope some another people are willing to contribute there video tutorials to this thread, so I can see if I’m gonne make a video tutorial thread with links and such.

Btw, keep going. :slight_smile:

I downloaded all of them and then tried finding that TechSmith codec… Unfortunately I have a Mac, and this isn’t all too helpful… Is there any way around this… Particularily the AVI’s??


plz continue posting next set of videos from 11-29 so that newbies can also start developing.


Yea, upload them for the newbs

looks pretty good so far. It will be interesting to see the rest of your tutorials.


I don’t see how some of these has to do with the Game Engine, except for a few.

the thread is now full :wink: in the first post , a big thanks flies to the creators of blender


would you like those hosted at Blender (or more likely at ibiblio which is where a lot of our video is stored) also I can probably get links for them put up on Blender somewhere. Might even be able to slip a mention in in the release notes…


if you can host them then do that , but host them seperatly
and don’t edit of course …

and my full real name is dia’a el khawaldeh as an author

Odd name, is it jewesh ?

My middle eastern friend tells me that its probably Saudi Arabian.

Oh, he’s the one that made that truck game with all the lights right ?

hello … i don’t know why you are asking about my nationality ? or the nationality of the name … that isn’t important even if i was from the askimo it will be the same … i’m not jewesh or saudi arabian … i’m jordanian
please just talk about the game engine and the video tutorials … i know that you may wonder is your father and mother arabians … and is one of them europians ? the answer is no , but i’m good with english because of the P.C. , most of the jordanians and egyptions and the lebanese in the middle east are too educated but the rest are not :o
no i’m joking … and finnaly please don’t ask about silly topics we are here to learn blender …

Oh, he’s the one that made that truck game with all the lights right ?

do you mean dance race (my game) ?
have a look at that too
lost N ruins


Really nice demo. Is it true that it exits the game when I enter the 3th door?
Also nice graphics, I really like the loading sounds when it starts the level.
Keep going like that :slight_smile: