Beeple Daily Art Challenge - Day 1 - Silent Night

Hello, I took Beeple everyday art challenge. I will be posting artwork every day for entire next week using Blender and Cycles / Eevee. I have set 45 minutes as a timeline for creating artwork and then post it. The purpose of this project is to help me get better at different things.

Those who don’t know; Beeple is one of the originators of the current “everyday” movement in 3D graphics, he has been creating a picture every day from start to finish and posting it online for over twelve years without missing a single day.

Day 1 - Silent Night

Everything modelled in blender & rendered with Eevee except character which was downloaded from Blendswap by Tiziana.


heck yeah! Keep it up! I’m up to day 137 myself.

Oh that’s great. Where do you post your renders??

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I put em all in this thread, Niklas Werth Everyday Art and on instagram. And then occasionally ill upload one or two to artstation, but I think I might want to try and organize them all somehow into batches, like a month at a time instead of putting individual days on there, sometimes I do animations though, and artstation doesnt really do videos well, so at some point I gotta make my own web page I think.

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