Better color picker? Complementary, triadic, etc? With swatches?

In LW there was a really nice color picker that had the option of displaying several types of color combos, complementary, triadic, quadratic, etc. That was nice. (IIRC, it was based on something called the ‘Jupiter’ color picker.) Also it had swatches built-in.

For triadic, for example, it had a 3 way cursor, like the Mercedes logo, with which you could see the, err, ‘triangular complements’, or whatever they’re called.

Anything like that for Blender?

Kaleidoscope was there for 2.79. For 2.80+ I found Palette Generator.

I’m having trouble installing Palette Generator: downloaded the zip from Github, and installed thru Prefs, but it doesn’t show up in the search function.

No only zip’s with a folder with a
can be installed as zip. Here you must unzip and install the “”.

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I just updated Kaleidoscope addon for Blender 2.81+ :smile:

Wow, I didn’t even think it can be updated. Good thing to have that in mind. There are a few add-ons from the old days, hmm… . Kaleidoscope is a lot closer to what I know from 2d world. Thanks for the update man.

It wasn’t very hard. The problem was that I had a major update planned with new features(which I was developing on Blender 2.79) but since Blender 2.8 came out, it has been difficult to port these new features.
Hence I decided to at-least port the essential parts of the addon(which includes most of the addon), but the code part of it has become a little messy!

For me the Spectrum palette is the most important tool (of Kaleidoscope). For final Renders i always use LuxCore (mostly) and that already has the IOR presets. Speaking of presets: Your Enrich addon looks very good (never heard of it before). I would be interested to know how you compare it to UberCompositor (which I already have). I also bought ColorMaster. Which claims to use LUT’s in Blender. Unfortunately it does not work and the author does not answer me. It would be great to have .cube (or other LUT’s in Blender). That would be the best way to keep LookDev cause it’s the fastest. I already talked to the author of UberCompositor about it, the compositor of Blender is just too slow. But if I had a lot of presets it would be a big advantage.

Enrich add-on comes with a collection of ready-made presets(which are built on the nodes in the compositor) and effects which can be controlled from an easy to understand interface. There are no plans of including LUT support in the upcoming Enrich 2.0 release but I have received requests for this feature from other users.
You can check this video showing the workflow of the Enrich add-on:

I agree that the compositor is too slow, this is something I hope is improved in the future Blender versions.

The biggest advantage for me would be many (really very, very many) presets. What I would like as a bridge to the Pixel Program (e.g. Krita) would be that the enrich layers would be saved in the openEXR multilayer format. And of course the saving of own presets but you already announced that.

Once again to Kaleidoscope: Only 2 colors are assigned to the Colorramp. All would be nicer. Do you know that the Eyedropper tool also samples all colors underneath when you drag it. Unfortunately also the ones between the 5 color blocks.
Nevertheless the update is very successful. Thanks again for that.

To get all the colors in the ColorRamp, you need to add multiple stops in the ramp itself. I think you can change the Interpolation of the ColorRamp to ‘Constant’ so that no intermediate colors of the palette get generated on the ramp.


I’m talking about Kaleidoscope. :smile: But it’s totally ok for me, the way it is. :+1: I simply delete the unnecessary ones.

Here’s an example of the LW color picker, and 4 different modes to ease color selections by, uhhhhhh, type-- broken out for visibility. That color picker had all sorts of tricks up its sleeves, I really think it was a bit underappreciated.

Anyway, if there is a similar facility for Blender I’d be happy to hear of it.