Hello everyone, i’m a rookie spanish game developer and i am develop a game proyect in Blender GE, Droid. I leave the video, brief synopsis and a few screenshots in-game!!

BForce is a FPS developed entirely with the Blender game engine. In bForce you get into the housing of some curious robots called bots from two corporations fighting for supremacy and monopoly of resources of known space, Edge and Trino.
You can choose to defend corporation, and you can purchase the control of a small team of bots allies, who will head into battle and fight at your side to help you impose your enemy corporation. In turn, as you progress and your experience increases, you’ll add more bots to your computer and improve its equipment to meet the new waves of enemies.
PD: sorry for possible spelling errors!! :confused:[INDENT=3]


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Ouh, all right! Thanks and sorry for bothering you

Dude!! this wip looks awesome! Nice team fighting type AI!! Totally awesome. I like the droids but you may want to add more varieties of droids. Excellent start! Can’t wait to see more! Neat backgrounds. The player interface is really appealing and smooth too.


Wow the game is actually pretty good,the animations are pretty smooth and the effects are excellent,keep it up.

Thanks!! :smiley:

Of curse, mi idea is add more class of Droid’s. The robots in the video belong to “Vyper class”, you can visit my blog to read more infromation!! (it is in spanish, but you can a translate tool in the own blog) In the future there will be more class of Droid’s but at the moment the game is in alpha version!!

Ah I found the thread (I’m the one from YouTube). :slight_smile: Will be following this. :slight_smile:


Sorry I couldn’t resist. :smiley:

This looks like an interesting project.

hola! tu proyecto se ve interestante, deberias poner ambient occlusion a las texturas de las paredes y eso, para darle un poco mas de realismo, ah porcierto, en el video donde dice “player interfaz” se escribe “player interface”, se ve bueno, y espero updates ;D

for the non-spanish speaking people:
hi! your proyect looks interesting, you should put ambient occlusion to the textures of the walls and that stuff, to give it a little more of realism,i hope to see more updates of this game ;D

Ouh hi!! i remember you!! :yes:

the truly is that vyper droid is based in Eva robot :eyebrowlift:

(Te contesto en inglés/ I answer you in English) It’s true, the word is interface, is not interfaz, i realized but was to late for change it!! thanks!! you have the spanish thread of this proyect in the forum 3D Poder!!

About the ambient occlusion, i say you that the textures of the map are generics and i must be careful with the FPS and efficiency


It looks very nice. You’ve put in a lot of work. I like the AI and the environments have a nice classic look.

You may want to change the name if you ever want to release the game for money. Lucasarts (Star Wars people) own the trademark on Droids.

Besides, Droid is short for Android, which means a human shaped robot, these guys look much more like plain robots.

This proyect is to improve my skills with Blender GE, I have thought finish the proyect on February 2013 but i have not date of delivery. Then Droid will be completely free. I have in my mind a next proyect that it will be much better than this. So, at the moment, i have not intention of sell it
the name may change it, yep :smiley:

Very nice similar to my own game project, like the look of the game a lot has a great style.

Thank you!! :smiley:


It looks very good :slight_smile:

Well, in the last two weeks i have posted two videos in the youtube account about BForce. In this moment i have not much time to work in the proyect and less to do a video-update how i would like, so in the future i publish small updates in threads in my blog. If they are relevant, i publish they in this forum and in the forum 3D Poder (spanish) also in my twitter (spanish)

The next video-update will be publish when the proyect be in Alpha 0.5


The turrets are a dispositives that the engineer bot can spawn in the battle to defend a area and help himself in the combat. For this, the bot must have, at least, 50 energy points to spawn it.
The turret has less range than the default bot, but it is completly self-sufficient.