BGE : Where are the collabrative projects ? Creation of a Wiki?

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Except "Yo Frankie and Sintel I dont know any games made with BGE by a team. Up to you, whats the reason BGE seems to be for lonely devs ? Are people more interested to make their little game from scratch by themself rather than collaborating on a bigger project ? Maybe people on BGE just make games for the pleasure of making them ; and this, with no expectations people will play the game. Are people really interessted in making a great game together or are they just not motivated ? What do you think ?
Maybe people hate to makes assets ?

Also, i see that some people are kinda pro with BGE. Why dont they collaborate together on fps template and make a wiki to invite more people to mod, add and/or learn it ?

I see that some people work on modules. But people dont know what input, output and/or context they have to use them. And most people dont even know those exist ! Why not publish it on a wiki page and not an obscur github page ?

0 A.D is probably 1 of the very few open source game which doesnt looks like a game of the late 90’s. That project has serious documentation and attract new talents.

Beside this, i forgot the name of that very helpful website on BGE, but it’s offline now. Would be nice to have a wiki with this site


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There are few greate BGE templates on this forum. Check Planetary gravity template by Deadalus it’s wip but already great working template with player controllers with grab ledge, strafe, duck features, HUD, keymap, save etc. Also there are vehicles, jets and planets to travel. You can create platformer game with this template. I hope Deadalus will add even more features like simple NPC following player and maybe enemy AI.

There are few other good templates. :grinning:


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Check this one:


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yes, thank you. But it would be nice to see them running in a showcase and proprely documented. No ?


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yes, he made all from scratch. Maybe his game would be Skyrim2 if he could had start with a solid template. I started this topic with the idea that a wiki page on BGE game devlopemnt could be a good idea to structure the flow . Elements :

  • The most usefull function in Python APi and the way u can use them
  • Setting a basic 3th person view
  • How to avoid unecessary pulse

All those usefull things you discovered by making your game could be aggregated and shared in a wiki

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Well, creating such big TPS template is huge work - thousands lines of code, bug fixing, testing, adding features take lot of time, and creating documentation is another huge piece of work, so it’s all cost time. Tho it’s good idea to create some kind of documentation for such template, how to use it, how to set up classes and other things to adapt template for different projects with different features, it would be cool if community made such documentation for Deadalus project. But again it must be people who know Python very well, to bad i am very noob at coding, I can create primitive game with logic bricks, but Deadalus project is full Python template there are almost no logic bricks used. So it must be people who really knows how to code to make some kind of tutorial for such serious project.


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Beside (and even before) coding, there’s the game designing … Having lot of code doesnt shows your game makes lot… it can shows it was poorely designed in the first place.

For my game i spend huge time thinking the game system. In a result i have somethin like 100 lines of Python :slight_smile: . With a wiki page, people would be able to share their views on how to tackle a problem. For exemple, on my fighting game i made things very different the way they were 2 months ago and it’s just better.

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I agree with you, it would be helpfull. But i think we need not basic setups but full explanation how working TPS template is done. You can find lot of youtube tutorials how to set up basic 3d games with BGE, but peoblem is that they are too basic, you can easily to recreate some primitive “game” collecting coins or killing “zombies”, but you can’t find tutorials how to set up more advanced player controllers or enemy AI. In such tutorials whole AI thing is about steering player around the map and touching you to death. :slight_smile:


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Easy to say, hard to do.

Making assets on Blender is easy, just takes time. Blender is meant to make assets after all.

But let’s say you were to setup such a collaborative project, how would you manage contributions?

If you use logic bricks, you won’t be able to version correctly logic modifications on say a git repository.
Do you self handle the merging of everyone’s contribution on a google drive?

If not, how do you coordinate people? Tasks? Assets? Logic (lot and lot of logic).

People always think about the assets and pretty shaders, but people are yet to make great gameplay, let alone for code to be maintainable.

I am curious.


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That collecting coins game … Ahh i still have those little sound samples in my head. Magical. I choosed to learn BGE after seing how simple BGE is. And i dont regret it.

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Can you show your fighting game I am curious never saw BGE fighting game . :slight_smile:


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I’ve got a game I’m making in the BGE and I’m doing it because I have a very specific vision that I’d like to turn into a fun game to play with friends. I’m already adding a bunch of technical debt to make it playable earlier, so adding additional documentation for others is wayyyy down the priority list.

I don’t want to collaborate on it, because then I’d have to make compromises on design. I’d also have to co-ordinate who’s doing what, and doing it in a sustainable way (which isn’t my idea of fun).


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I never edit a wiki myself. But it could be possible for people to edit single page of a wiki and then they will try to make consistent afterwards (comparing, eliminating redundancy)

For a first step, maybe one can let people edit a page in which they explain

  • their game logic (with a good print screen of the logic bricks).
  • the proprieties used
  • explain why such sensores used
  • did they put bricks on other objects than their main character and why ?

Also, beside the code, explain things like : straffing, camera dealing with walls … all those problems can be adressed with pratical solutions . Devs could share their points of view on how solve a problem and the reader can learn from it


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ofc, My 3D adventure fighting game

I spent some days putting things together because it turned in a mess. I remade the game system 2 times. Now, i think im ready to go ahead with animations. It will be terrific, I promise !


( #15

That system could work, but it is such a drag that people contributing will need to be really dedicated and meticulous, for that to happen the game has to be really well thought, and well organized, to have people actually go through these hops.

And concurrent contributions will be a pain to merge too, binary files etc…

But yes, there are solutions to anything. Problem is that for people to go through the trouble of solving it requires much more than just an idea. They need good arguments to spend their time doing that and not something else.

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Yes, like lot of BGE games. It’s a personnal project.

Yes, as long as it remains a game and not a template. It’s hard to collaborate due to artistic choices

It’s fun to coordinate when people are ok to collaborate :smiley: . But most of time, you cant force people to make things the way you want. So one prefer to work alone :confused:

Though, collaborating on a template could make things more technical and less personnal.


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Yes. I’m all about collaborating on making libraries to ease game making.

People using the BGE are too few anyway to like the same games apparently lol
Hence why everyone just does his thing.


(TheDave) #18

I originally planned my game to serve as a template for multiplayer. Trouble is, to be a good template, it needs to have features that are useful, which means complexity, which means effort to understand how it works, which means the consumer is already half way to understanding how to make their own anyway.

So, when I eventually do upload my project, it’ll just be my game rather than something that’s designed to be built on. Maybe people will find inspiration in the way I’ve solved certain challenges.


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Exemple of fighting game on BGE for the moment ( it’s not mine ! )


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Cool! I love interaction between player and NPC, kicks and punches feels real. Keep it up. :slightly_smiling_face: