BGMC 30 | Puppet's Quest

Gregory - the counselor of the Iluminia kingdom - always shows a proud bright in his eyes. With the finest knowledge and abilities, he is used to overcome the plans of the evil mage Boris, who wants to take over the kingdom over a long time. Today, however, Gregory is feeling strange… Wait, Gregory is feeling something? He should’ve not feel anything, Gregory is a puppet!

Suddenly, a strange glimpse from the same magic which gave him life shows that Boris was able to merge the world of Iluminia and the world of the puppet’s operator, transforming almost everyone into mindless monsters. The same glimpse shows that the puppet’s operator is being kept captive by Boris, and it seems he is the key to bring everything to normal again.

Will Gregory be able to save the operator and both worlds?

Puppet’s Quest is a simple hack and slash game. The goal is to bring to life the following mechanics:

  • Three types of sword enchantments (fire, ice and lightining, along with normal sword)
  • Simple combo based combat
  • Modular open world map
  • Dynamic minimap, following the game scenery layout
  • Random enemy spawning

I’ve started the project too late (at wednesday), but I think I’ll able to finish in time for the jam.

EDIT: I was able to (somewhat) finish it in time. It has all the listed mechanics, although most of them aren’t polished.



  • W, A, S, D: Move around
  • Mouse: Look around
  • Left click: Attack (multiple clicks for combo)
  • Spacebar: Toggle dynamic map
  • 1, 2, 3, 4: Change sword enchantments
  • Esc: Pause menu

Demo Video


looks very cute and fun!

Download link added for the ‘finished’ game. I’ll update the video as well.


The game crashes in UPBGE 0.2.3 (2.79.1)

Thanks for reporting. This problem was reported to me by @peidolinobr before … I can only assure the compatibility with vanilla Blender 2.79. I will remove the ‘UPBGE compatibility’ in the first post.

UPDATE: Now multiple enemies can be hit with a single attack. This adds value to the gameplay, as lots of enemies couldn’t be defeated and the better strategy was to run to the goal. This feature should’ve been added while the jam was running, but whatever.

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Congratulation Joel. Excelent project, models, mechanics and history.

Thank you! :wink:
I was not expecting good words about the models, but they are welcome as well. Haha

Hi @joelgomes1994
First of all I haven’t played your game.
So my comments below are from watching the Demo Video.

[ PROS ]

I have to agree with @sarushan.
The CHARACTER models are pretty good looking (and their not even textured) :wink:

[ CONS ]
[1] The FONT is very hard to read when displayed in the MAIN_MENU (it looks ok in the HUD tho)

[1] What did you create YOURSELF (?)
[2] What did you create (NOT) YOURSELF (?)

[1] It just needs more game-play.
[2] Keep up the good work. :+1: :grinning:

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Thanks for the words! :wink:

Character: It was originally a placeholder (along with the scenery) to be used while programming, but I wouldn’t be able to finish the game in time, so I kept it.

1 - I assume that almost everything critical: the models and some painted textures, project structure, animations, Python scripts and such.
2 - Music (from YouTube music library), some textures (main menu background, grass, Eye Goo’s eyes, etc), font (from Windows Fonts directory).

Final thoughts
1 - I don’t intend to work on this project anymore, but it surely can be a good source of research for anyone interested in the existing mechanics (combo system, dynamic map system, modular GUI, etc).
2 - Thank you! :grinning:

Thank you for being able to make a decent game (DURING) BGMC 30. :heart_eyes:
(You even used PYTHON :smiley:)

Sad. But we will always remember you. :wave: :grinning:

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