BGMC 31 Discussion Thread

Hey, what’s up?

It’s time for a new Blender Game Making Contest (BGMC 31)! :grinning:
Write down below:

  • Theme suggestions
  • Date and jam duration suggestions
  • Other related suggestions and questions

Don’t be shy. :wink:

Current suggestions

  • Minecraft experience
  • Low poly
  • Grid based building
  • Open world
  • Shooter
  • Some assembly required
  • Movie based
  • Crazy shopping
  • Mass destruction
  • Don’t fall
  • Underwater
  • Speed
  • Procedural
  • Re-reading
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Quantum universe
  • Clicker
  • Hack and slash
  • Two player
  • Worst game ever

Suggested date

  • October


I’m not taking part in the BGMC.

However I would like to point out a lot of the recent questions about BGE is how to make a Minecraft-Like game.

Perhaps that could become a BGMC theme (?)

  1. (Minecraft)
  2. (Low-Poly)
  3. (Grid-Based Building)
  4. [Optional] (Open_World)

Sounds interesting. Minecraft has started from a very simple concept and evolved into a very complex game even if the overall look didn’t change that much. I’m sure everyone has a different idea about what Minecraft should be and how it should continue to evolve. It would be interesting to have a theme be something like: The Minecraft Experience
The goal would be to boil down Minecraft to what you feel is (or should be) the core of the Minecraft experience and share it with others.

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Shooters. We need to make a jam about shooters. Pew pew pew-
Late october, early december sounds good to me. One week duration is reasonable.

Theme has to be simple, concrete and stripped-down; you can’t have something too abstract or overblown with complexity as guideline for game concepts in a jam when participants have a day at most to brainstorm. My suggestion is people take this paragraph in consideration before making suggestions.

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Those all sound like good ideas, some might be difficult for the logic brick only people like me, but I am up for a challenge :slight_smile: I have always been partial to open world. Space theme could be fun.Though I don’t know what the most recent BGMC have included. I would prefer that we do it sooner than December, because that will be a hectic month, October sounds fun to me. (Or even the end of this month.

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for the theme

“Some Assembly Required”

My theme suggestions are:

  • Game based on a movie you like

  • Crazy shopping

  • Mass destruction


  • dont fall
  • underwater
  • speed
  • procedural


Um . . . :arrow_down:

[1] How can you fall underwater (?)
[2] How are you fast underwater (?) (swimming doesn’t count)


While it’s a good suggesting.
Tthere would be massive copyright issues hampering the themes.


I’m sorry.
I do not understand this :arrow_up:

lmfao bruh those are individual themes. theyre not one theme smh

Hello? my suggestions are:

quantum universe



Didn’t mean to insult you :wink:


Hi all

Just a reminder.

So far, only @Liebranca + @fredstash have said their taking part.

Anyone else planning on participating (?)

  • clicker
  • hack and slash
  • 2 player

I want to this time :smiley:

I also want to join it

The theme :
–> worst game ever.

Make a game so ridiculous that it becomes a meme on youtube. Make it weird and try to get the most :-1: possible. Make an intro cinematic which tries to make feel the game will be serious and very badass… then show the ugliest, stupidest with disastrous gameplay game ever possible to imagine . Make our ears cry with over-sampled sounds and total has-been background music


That totally de-grades BGE.

@joelgomes1994 I object.

What do you object to??

Edit: you tagged joelgomes1994, making it sound like you were objecting to something he said.


. . . . . . Seriously (?) :thinking: