[BGMC 31] Siege-Shooting Gallery

Hooray for another BGMC! This time I got my game done on time, though it’s not got any full levels, just a shooting gallery.

Siege is built in UPBGE 0.2.4, and the blend can be downloaded from my GitHub page here (17mb).

Though not a complete game, it contains 3 guns and does have quite a few targets to shoot, and blow up!

P.S. Critiques are always welcome. :smiley:


Nice looking character & arms :smiley: :+1:

Although judging by the screen-shots there doesn’t seem to be much game-play :frowning_face:

Ground texture looks weird (perhaps it has a reflection texture ?)
The color in your environment is fine, but there is a lack of texture use that easily could have been implemented :thinking:

Thanks for the feedback! You’re right there’s not much gameplay. I was a little tight on time this week, so I spent most of it getting the character working. Oof, I feel a little silly not having swapped my temporary ground texture before turning it in.

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:laughing:my favorite moment in the game

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Glad you liked it. I figured it needed some comic relief for an otherwise dull game.

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Hey @SmilingSquirrel

Feedback on your game (demo?)

[ PROS ]

  1. Available game-play was fun (could have been more tho game-play :wink:)
  2. Weapon switching was superb.
  3. Props were mediocre (more then I can say for others :wink:)
  4. Character really was nice to look at (except the arms partially :slight_smile:)

[ CONS ]

  1. Not really a game (not your fault)
  2. Controls text at the beginning disappears too fast so I didn’t see it for the first couple of times I played your game (lol, maybe my fault again)
  3. Explosive barrels don’t cause any damage or chain-reactions with Player or Balloons (which basically ruins the explosions)
  4. Balloons take a lot of hits (in reality balloons are extremely fragile)
  5. Left arm is warping (also when you look down with pistol or scar weapon the left arm goes through the body)
  6. Ammo number-text has different resolution then Ammo letter-text strongly hinting that there is multiple texts (why didn’t you just use 2 texts instead?)
  7. After reloading arms don’t get back into place unless weapon is fired (which resets the positions since it’s in firing animation then)
  8. I got these console errors :arrow_down:

Was your game fun to play (?) --> (YES)
Would I play your game again (?) --> If there is new content.

Thank you for the Pros/Cons breakdown, gives me a good list of things to work through and fix. Oh, and on my post-BGMC version, I’ve already fixed the balloons (they had 20 health), I should’a checked my logic bricks more carefully when I copied logic from another object. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.


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Thank you for participating in BGMC 31 :smiley: