BGMC 34 Final Vote!

Good luck everyone! I made it single vote so hopefully we don’t have any ties :slight_smile:

BGMC 34 final vote
  • Trolley Problem - HiByeHello
  • Zomb_8 - BluePrintRandom
  • You are not the only hero and you can’t save them all - Boggle
  • Last Squad Out - SmilingSquirrel
  • Macaw Squad - JoelGomes1994
  • Soldadinhos De Plastico - Socoto2030

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Here is the game pack [BGMC 34] Game Pack thanks to HiByeHello for putting that together for me
I’ll be closing this vote down early next Monday 9:00 A.M Mountain Standard Time.

Sorry I couldn’t be more involved in the end of the competition, I’m too busy… unfortunately real life trumps BGMC :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone participating, it was great!

p.s. I haven’t gotten to play any of the games yet, but I am hoping I will have time soon to try them out


Well done everyone! I plan to play them all this evening