[bgmc 34] - zomb_8

Did not get much time beyond coding on this one - lots of fancy graphics could easily be applied - but the 'core ’ is here.

left mouse is shoot if the blue player has line of site (even through zombies)
ZOMB_8_update_1.blend (1.6 MB)

post your high scores here using printscreen eh?
I will see how far I can make it tonight


My score: 14640
Ok! I played it through, and I kept 4 Blues alive just fine until a Red got pushed through a wall I wasn’t watching. I can certainly see this being the base for a fun game.

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Er, when I try in UPBGE 0.3 (2.92) or (2.93), none of the enemies appear? No errors. Blue player mechanics seem to work fine.

Your 2.93 experimental version (not master) doesn’t seem to solve the issue either.

@RandomPerson they spawn based on a random value that gets higher and higher probabilities

the longer you exist - the more zombies theoretically

Okay, I’ll try it again with a longer patience. :ok_hand: