[BGMC 36] Fringe Wizards (Finished)

This game is made in blender 2.79, so it will not work in newer versions, you must play it in 2.79 to get the best results.

The wizard wars have continued. The fire (red) goblins have become more powerful, we can’t stop them!

We as the ice (blue) wizards need to get as many wizard towers up as we can to stop the onslaught!

Your goal in this game is to slow down the fire goblin long enough for the wizard tower to get built, you must create ice pillars to redirect and distract the the fire goblin from killing your fellow wizard.


WASD: Move
Spacebar: Jump
Left-click: breaks ice pillars (You must not be moving to perform magic)
Right-click: Forms ice pillars (You must not be moving to perform magic)

Here is a link to the game

I left the path following system visible because I ran out of time to make an enemy marker.
I also ran out of time to do sounds/music, or a title screen.
If the game is too easy for you, you can add the second layer on the top row for another enemy to appear.

Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy the game!
Good luck to everyone else, I can’t wait to try your games!



Great job Fredstash, bonus points for using B2.79.

This game works great. I really like the idea and the story, animations really continue the narrative.
The graphics are just at the right level where you know what everything is and don’t need to think about graphics. It would be great to have sound and a training level but I know the time constraints don’t really leave much time for that.

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Thanks for trying the game and the feedback I wanted to do a tutorial and sound- I am just so busy these days to try to keep up. I spent more time on the animations than I usually do, it was more of a priority to make the game feel right. I wish I had been able to finish it more.

I can’t wait to try everyone else’s games! (someday I will have time)