BGMC30 | The Sword who tried to get in

"The Sword who tried to get in" is my entry in BGMC30!

(This video was added after the deadline. The initial music felt very repetitive and rushed. Hope you like this more!)

In this game you will play as a sword who desperately tries to get back to the beautiful scabbard in a mountain-landscape. The sword will have to climb the high mountain, use magic and fight the evil shields and door.

A singing choir of shields.

In this game I wanted to experiment with music and lyrics. I wanted the feel of a musical and that the song would be in sync with the music.

Forward: Hold left mouse button.
Jump high: Quick right mouse button.
Jump far: Hold right mouse button.
Attack (Only in the second level): Double click left mouse button.

Here is a link to the game:

And here is the updated version with better music. This is added after the deadline):


Added a video where I changed the music. This piece has a few more layers and loops much better, the first one felt very repetitive. The choirs is much clearer in this one as well.

Hope you like it!

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