[BGMC36] Art Raider

Download the current version (for Blender 2.79b, it’s unfinished but playable):
Art Raider.zip (2.3 MB)


  • Play from Art Raider.blend
  • A and D: Walk
  • W: Enter doors and pickup items
  • Get all items from the level to win level
  • Avoid the guards


Our entry for the BGMC 36 (@Diego_Almeida_Santos as artist and me as programmer), currently work in progress.

In this game you’re a thief that robs art museums. The art style is hand drawn, black and white and cutout animation. The gameplay mechanics is inspired by Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle.

The engine is vanilla Blender 2.79b. The latest source code is available here.



Update 2021-08-05:

Added guard model, animations and AI. Also made the player die after being hit by the guard.


Update 2021-08-06:

  • Added modular doors system (two doors with the same property “Door” value will teleport to each other).

  • Collectable items under development:


Update 2021-08-07:

  • Added collectable items.
  • Ability to win the level when all items are collected.

This reminds me of SNES games I used to play, where can we download it?

You can find it on Github here, but we didn’t manage to finish in time (I thought the deadline was this sunday night, not yesterday :disappointed_relieved:)… Playing from the file data/Art Raider.blend you can test the core mechanics shown on the video above. (Keys: A and D to walk, W to get item).

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What is the BGMC36 already over?

This is looking great so far. I ran into a weird problem where each of the doors was missing the tile underneath them, but I added them back in (unless it was supposed to be that way, I just couldn’t figure out any other way to play the game).

I really liked the style, and it felt like a nice game to play, I would love to play more of this game. If you keep working on the game, I would definitely like to play it more.

Great job! Good luck!

Thanks a lot! We intend to continue working on this game.
If you played from LibPlayer.blend it’s missing a tile due to a change in a library (it’s just a test scene anyways), but playing from Art Raider.blend you can find three levels with auto-switching after getting all items.

Great! I’ll have to try that later today!

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