Biff - Updated for 2.59

Update for 2.59
With the latest Blender it seems normal maps changed behavior, I changed so he appears properly again. This means he will appear wrong in most versions prior to 2.59. Available at deviantArt.

I have updated Biff to work with 2.57.1

I haven’t changed anything else than make sure he works again. Get the update at deviantArt. :slight_smile:

I’m finally finished with my first Blender project! I took this challenge so I could learn Blender. I come from a Maya background so it’s been a bumpy ride. A lot of fundamental differences and some bugs. :smiley:

Without further ado I present to you Biff! A powerful yet simple character. My focus with Biff was to make a simple to use rig with a character who has an easy to read silhouette and simple design. I also wanted to make sure that the rig was beginner friendly which is why I’ve spent time to make the controllers as easy to read and use as possible.

The first version is now finally finished and I’m happy to release it to the community! It’s under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License so use it for any non-commercial projects. :yes:

Before ending I’d like to mention that I won’t have much time to dedicate to Biff from now on as I’m attending University and I have other projects I want to do, which means that this might be the one and only release of Biff. I hope it’s good enough to play around with!

Download at (deviantArt) - Please use this URL first, I don’t know how Dropbox handles high data traffic for public links.
Download through Dropbox

p.s. The animation isn’t perfect but it’s decent enough to demonstrate the character. :wink:

Whoa! Sweet job!

He’ll be fun to play with.

I really like it!

I think I’ll be playing aroung with this guy for a little while XD

Great Job!

Fantastic rig. I would like to see more blender riggers attempt some of the things you have here. Amazingly useable character with plenty to study and learn from. Thanks for sharing it.

Wonderful job!. Well presented too. Thanks a bunch!

Simply amazing. Looks like a very thorough job. I’m just starting off on organic modeling and this will be an excellent reference point. Thanks so much!

Edit: Just took a look at your blog. Those are some pretty amazing rigs you have on your demo reel!

Very nice! I will play with it after work. This looks like a well thought out and fairly complex rig.

Great model, if your looking for a place to store your models for download, check out we would love to have your model on our site.

Haven´t looked at the rig yet, but the character is kickass.

He´s got the toony TeamFortess2 look and the badass Rock*Star Games attitude.
What can I say, you hit my taste bullseye.

5 Stars from me =)

Great character, thank you very much!

Cool man. Thanks for sharing.

Response is overwhelming! :smiley:

Quandtum, dleri, Omar_Ramirez, Lancer, zavigny, ristesekuloski, JoseConseco >> Thanks for the feedback, enjoy the rig!

zanyman >> Glad you like them. Without those rigs I wouldn’t have had the experience to make Biff. (some things you learn are universal)

Loolarge >> Sounds great hearing that from you, your rig Miguel was really inspiring to look at! I have to learn to make similar UIs like you did for that rig, looks awesome.

mofx >> I would love to upload it to Blendswap but none of the licenses are for non-commercial uses. It’s the only reason why it isn’t there already. :wink: It would be nice if there were some way to manage your uploads too. May I suggest looking at Creative Crash for inspiration? :smiley:

arexma >> Even if it’s not at the same level I’m flattered to be compared to TF2 (Valve) and Rock*Star. :cool:

I just the other day checked your blendswap files. the walkcycle. neat to get more stuf from you!

The animations was made for Durian (Sintel) during the community animation sprint, when submitted it had to go through Blendswap, it was the reason I got into Blender in the first place! Sharing is caring. :smiley:

I’ve added a download mirror at deviantArt! Just check the link on the right hand side of the page. :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention in the first post that I sculpted Biff’s head and hands in Sculptris. The reason why I made Biff for Blender is because of my sculpt I made this summer! You can see it at my deviantArt page. :slight_smile:
Biff Head Sculpt

5 star, first class work, the animation in the demo reel on your blog is incredibly impressive also. Well done!

Biff rocks, if I was a god father that’s the guy I would want watching my back.

A character with character. Sweet!

Hmm, maybe I will add a couple more licenses to the site, with the new redesign. LOL, I love dropping hints in obscure places. Great model Denny.

wow thats a really nice setup :slight_smile:
reminds me a bit of the style of the team fortress characters.