Blended cities - Call for building models & Alpha Release of script!

Hi guys,

I have almost finished the city zoning mod in the blended cities script by littleneo. This allows the user to paint different zones (residential,commercial,industrial). However
we currently only have 4 different buildings in the script and they are all residential.

Please could you send us some models for us to use and package in the script

Alpha Build Release:

At the top of this survey you will find links to the script and a video tutorial. After trying it out, please spend a few minutes filling out the survey. It would really help me out with my dissertation

Link to Survey & Script


I have a few buildings from an old project that Im probably never going to finish. Im not sure what detail level/poly count/material standards you are looking for, but you can use them if you want. Also some roads, street lights etc in there if you need that sort of thing.

I may have a couple more detailed buildings kicking around on my harddrive as well…Ill see if I can track them down.


There is at least one duplicate building from the first file, and no roof on the mall building, but I think a few of the condo type buildings in this one came out pretty decent.

Yeah I’ve got a couple of buildings I can contribute

Edit: Mac doesnt seem to like it, downloaded on linux. Looks great, big file though. If you dont mind, I might have to make a library of the models and the scripts for each one so users wont have to download a 100Mb file for it in one go. Is that all right?

All the buildings so far look amazing!! Keep sending more please!

Yeah do whatever you want with them :wink:

Also I couldn’t figure out myself why the file sizes were so big

Any chance of me using your files too mrjimmy ? I am working on a personal project - a comic and I do feel I will need backgrounds in the far future. I also do a bit of drawing/colouring so backgrounds are always appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Perhaps it has something to do with the textures being 3500 x 3500 each :wink:
My mac freezes just trying to open it…

thanks for your contribution to the project buddies :slight_smile:

here’s a little zip with a sample of premade building, build in one piece , ready to work in blended cities.
starting from it and with a little experience about python, you should be able to add your own meshes.

unzip into the libraries directory,
move the premade.set file in the presets directory,
run the script then choose ‘premade’ in the presets menu (main tab)

atm I’m very busy, I didn’t documented enough yet sorry…
the .lib file and the .blend should help to append premade building, made as a whole.

the lib file contains the code to append the object from the blend provided to the city, it’s short and commented.
the blend contains the objects you want to add (they need to be in a group, you need to edit the xml fil provided…)

for premade things there’s a more tricky one here also (philippe roubal + patch)
this one can stack several building parts, depending on the context.

hope this can help, while waiting for documentation. :confused:

Just wondering if there are any guidelines you would like us to follow for submissions. I havnt really made many buildings but i think it would be fun to do a few industrial buildings. What polycount should we stick around to, and do you want them textured?

Within reason, the buildings can be as detailed as you like. The maximum polycount should be below 100,000. Textures would be nice.

Any Industrial buildings would be nice! We don’t seem to have many at all so far…

Thanks for taking an interest!

I am currently adding the buildings to the script, For those that have given me buildings so far… I am adding your username as the author for each building unless you would like your real name to be used. If so please tell me.

Just started adding your buildings in:

I think the scale of these buildings is wrong… what do you think they should be?

Many years there was once an open project called “the crosswalk”. While some may consider this as an obscure legend to be dismissed, I have files from this project that include buildings, that I would like you to include in your project, so as to dismiss certain rumours.

This was given to me by a member of the project, and I have also in the last few years also seen some still that this project is still active, although you may glimpse this only in the corner of your eye and give no further thought to it.

Should I forward you the files . . . ?

Choose yes or no, I can only email you the large file … . unless you can provide some place I can forward you this . . .

And also a story to tell. . . although I will save this for another day . . . and perhaps another audience.

heh of course you can. Il just send a PM. Iv just finished adding the first 6 buildings from the first zip posted. So If I get yours in the next hour, I should be able to put them in by the end of the night. Who should they be referenced to? Crosswalk?

Thanks for the PM. I will have something for you within two days . . . I may have to zip them in small stages and forward them to you.

Looks pretty sweet!

AhAh ! The Crosswalk… it is not a legend ! I was involved in this project. It was a very exciting for around one year and a half and has sadly aborted, but I learnt a lot in modelling while working on it.

Some of the buildings may me mine. If you have the original files, they should be signed. Feel free to use them in Blended Cities.

I m’ really sorry for not beeing more available right now, but I have too many things to do.

I am happy to see that this exiting project around this great script is growing up !

Don’t worry. To make it easier for everyone, If I fix the lib files for each building and then let you check them first (since you probably know who should get references), would this make it fairer?

What is the licence? I would prefer an attribution where the user can use it for anything but must reference the source. If I were to include non-commercial, its a bit difficult (and annoying) for a user to check the licence…

Alas, I am but a passer by who was handed the files in a dimly lit dark and dangerous alley, and the legacy of those who contributed to the project, now that it has been proved without a doubt to have existed once only in hushed whispers in far flung places of the known world, well I do not have nay say in matter, except I have done one duty, and that is pass the contents of the labour on . . . for greater good of the community I hope. And I, must condition, that no matter what the ramifications, that the contents be accessible to many more . . .

Oh btw, I have used some of the contends in my WIP comic in the tradition section of this forum. Please feel to browse by - the title of the thread is "Inkscape Tracing of Blender Model . . … " etc.

Parking garages could probably be a bit wider and deeper. You can credit them to James Schuerman if you want. If anyone is interested in them I am releasing these models to public domain.