(blender 2.49b) my armatures dont work!

i made a character (head arms legs and body) and i made a vertex group (name:group) and i selected the whole model (not the armatures) and clicked assign, then i selected both the armatures and the model and then made a modifier (Armature modifier) and obj:Armature and VGroup:Group and then i deselected the “Envalopes” button and then pressed CTRL+P and selected the questionable “Make parent?” button, my armatures dont work please help me!

please help

yea, thanks for never answering my questions blender forum, i hope your all happy.

well, you have to then assign vertexes of the mesh to the bones. Follow any of the rigging tutorials on vimeo.

okay well heres the thing, ive watched several rigging tuytorials, and i have assigned all vertexes to a group and it still does the same thing, please reply!

please reply fast

post your blend file so people can have a look at it.

heres the link, had to upload with megaupload, sorry…
i finally got it to let me make parent to name…
but now no matter what i do that one vertex wont work with the armature, please help!

link to project http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27086729/untitled.blend

please reply 3-4 days…

Please help meeeeeeee!!!
Ive been waiting like 5 days for another reply!

Calm down, dude, seriously. No one is replying because no one knows how to help you. When someone who knows the answer comes by, they will reply, but until then, take a deep breath and RELAX.

Also FYI, demanding someone help you is a great way to guarantee NO ONE will want to.

well im trying to make a game and ive waited over 2 weeks just to get an answer… so yea, im gonna be ****ed off. im sorry if im demanding, i mean no harm and no foul. i just want to learn to make my own game, or at least learn armatures as of now…

Your upload is a 4 vertices cube with 2 bones , i’m not sure what you are expecting from this as without more subdivision inside of the cube there’s nothing to animate with this.

Anyways, try this on the model you want to use and animate after you have created a skeleton with the bones for your model :
-Don’t use an armature modifier, remove it if you have any.
-Set the whole bones to X-ray so you can see them through your model
-In Object mode select your object
-Press SHIFT then select the bones so both your object and skeleton are selected
-If you’re not always in Object Mode, go back to Object Mode
-pressCTRL+ P or Object -> Make Parent (be sure both model and skeleton are selected, with the model having been selected first) and select Armature
-make it with Bone Heat (2.49b) or Automatic Weight (wording for 2.5x)

Your model should be rigged, select your armature and go to pose mode

i did all of this accordingly, i am in object mode and i press ctrl+p and it just says “MAKE PARENT” and has a ? at the top, so i cant make it a parent of armature…

please reply?

No idea what you are doing wrong if you follow the previous post, maybe try to remove all your vertex groups and any kind of modifier you already have on your model before following the process, maybe there’s something conflicting with the parenting function ?

A cube subdivided a bit :

A bone extruded to give in the end 3 bones inside of this cube :

First select the object, press shift and select the armature, back into Object Mode :

Press CTRL+P, select Armature

Select Create from Bones Heat

In Pose mode, it works without problems

am i supposed to make an armature modifier at one point?

When you will parent with heat bones, it will create an armature modifier automatically.
But if you give a look at the modifier list, it’s not yet considered as a real modifier, just click on the “make real” button next to the modifier to have a real armature modifier being made.

see now the thing that i truly dont understand is that the model that i put up for download…
the armature works with all the vertices except that one on the corner, any easy way to fix that?