Blender 2.5x Surviving Guide

Hello dear Game Engine lovers
each time I start the new stable version, tears arise in my eyes…but life goes on!
So, I decided to “update” my tutorials to the current version…but I’ve noticed that it was me, the person in the need of some tuts!
So this thread will be a list of the new functions, new ways to use the old ones, and the ones that were removed:

Enable “Blender Game” instead of “Blender Render” in top header, to get some
Game Engine options in the Editors panels

Enable/Install some “Add-ons” ( User Preferences Editor - Add_Ons tab), to make available some functions, specially the ESSENTIAL “Copy Face Selected” menu.

Floating Panels - REMOVED ( N key still pops up a gigantic Transform panel and T key, a Tool Shelf one)

Radiosity Engine/Solution - REMOVED

Copy Selected Faces Menu ( Ctrl-C) - REMOVED ( Install add-on - don’t work?)

Center New/To cursor ( Mesh Tools) - REPLACED ( “Origin” button in Object Tools panel - Shift-Ctrl-Alt-C )

Paint Menu ( Vertex Paint ) - Set Shaded Vertex Colours - REMOVED

Loop/Cut Menu ( Edit Mode - K ) - NEW WAY ( Holding K key a knife cursor still appears, but the “cut style” must be choose in the incoherent sub-panel at the bottom of the Tool Shelf)

Remove Doubles - Set Value - REPLACED ( In “Edit Mode”, T key makes the “Tool Shelf” appear, then press the “Remove Doubles” button and at the botton of the panel some extra settings will appear).

Box Deselect ( B - RMB) - REPLACED ( B- MMB)

IPO Curves datablock - REMOVED ( F-Curves are no more “datablocks”?)

Texture Type slot - Plugin - REMOVED

Please, check this list and answer with your additions /corrections

for copy-c, have you tried enabling the addon and using the space bar search?

Center is still there, i can’t remember quite what…

The centering shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-C, and then you can select how to do so. Press space to bring up the search menu, and then type ‘Remove Doubles’ to find it (there’s probably another way to do this), and when you do so, the value should appear on the left-hand menu. If the menu isn’t there, there should be a + icon on the bottom-right hand corner of the 3D view. Loop cut should be also under the search menu - there’s probably a shortcut, but I don’t know it.

Ctrl-Shift-C pops up the…Add Constraint menu?!
Sorry, I can’t reproduce the other sugestions?!
Thanks anyway!

Alt-Ctrl-Shift-C is the centering (snap-to) menu which I believe is what you’re looking for

Yes, I’ve found it too, thanks!
Or one can use the “Origin” button in the “Object Tools” panel!

Yeah, sorry - Mokazon’s correct (I forgot the shortcut).

Center view on selected object: Numpad Del
Center view on 3d cursor: Ctrl+numpad Del

-Copy mode (for removing collision from faces etc) is now an add on. No idea why. Pretty important.
-“C” for circle select, instead of b (I think it was b…)

Yes, the “Copy Menu” is an “add-on” now, but mine seems not working?!

Mine works fine, OTO. Windows XP. I’ve only tried it on collision.

In edit mode, select some edges, hold down ‘K’, click and drag over the edges You want to cut… Is that the K key You missing? Else ctrl-R do some loop cutting to.

Box deselect isn’t removed - Press B to go into box selection mode, and use the middle mouse button to deselect. Same with the circle selection. If you don’t have a middle mouse button on your mouse, you can enable an ‘Emulate Three-Button Mouse’ feature in the User Preferences menu to allow Alt-Left click to be the middle mouse button (I think).

What a jerk I am…I could have tried the MMB instead of flaming the Blender devs! :wink:
Thank you SolarLune!

No problem. As for Remove Doubles, if you go into edit-mode and then press the space button, you should bring up the search box - if you type in “Remove Doubles” and select it, you’ll be able to select the distance via the spinner on the left hand side - if you don’t see it, press T to bring it up.

Funny, I’ve made some changes to the “default” screen layout, and now I don’t have that little extra panel that shows some settings when you press a function button in the “Mesh Tools” panel?!
Thank you, again, for the effort!

That panel can be collapsed… I think that if you look in the bottom-right corner of the 3D view in the default screen layout, there will be a small button with a +. Click that button, and the Operator panel should show up on the menu that appears if you press the T key (toolbar).

What a noob! Thank you once again!
A + sign in the 3D view that makes a sub-panel appear in the Tool Shelf? Someone have a handkerchief, please?

Also, loop cut and slide isn’t removed - it’s Ctrl-R. If you don’t like the shortcuts for these functions, you can assign them in the User Preferences panel (so that you can set this to the K or Ctrl-K keybinding, for example) to get a more 2.49-like control system.

I was meaning the Loop/Cut menu!
I’ve found the old cut functions in the @# sub-panel!
By the way, do you know how to do a straight line/cut in “Exact” mode?
And I could get the “Copy Selected Face” to work, installing the 2.57b version!

It’s too bad, OTO - the interface really is worth investing time into. Anyway, if you work better with 2.4, I guess you should go with that…