Blender 2.71 NEW Muscle Simulator

Hei guys :slight_smile:

Hey people I am glad that you re visiting. For a long time I have complained to Blender that it has no muscle simulator. So I made it by myself and create a new and simple muscle simulator for the skinning to a more exciting to make task even once.

Tutorial English + Download the muscle Simulator:

Tutorial German + Download to the muscle simulator:

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(Download is english or german)

Wow. That´s awesome. Been waiting for something like thisJust one thing, being a bit of a gymrat, the calfmuscle doesn´t flex when lifting it towards the buttocks, the hamstrings do (back of your thigh;). The calf muscles flex when you lift your heel off the ground and stand on your toes, for example. But great work, nonetheless!

Thank you :slight_smile: yes somebody else noticed that to me earlier too haha but it should just visualize how it works XD

you should sell this on the blender market for $'s

Thank you :slight_smile: but first i want to share this with everyone so that it gets attention and perhaps a programmer could work it out :slight_smile:

He’s just trolling as far as the Market is concerned, ignore him. He’s had an issue with the idea of a commercial market for Blender since it was announced.

This is very cool! Obviously not the full muscle solution it would be nice to have in Blender, but a very nice project to learn from!

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I think also this perhaps could give attention to the pro programmers and perhaps a real muscle system will be created or perhaps my idea will build up cause i am not so familiar with programming in Python :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Very interesting. I was missing something like this, would be nice to have an script that creates the muscles automatically base on the bones and then we can adjust them as we want that way would be a big time saver.

Yes thats really true i too now i do it by snapping to vertices so that the controller and the bone snap the the bone origins that works good :slight_smile: and weight paint mirror would also be a good thing :slight_smile:

Something about your comment stinks.

@coloremblem Amazing work so far. Will follow your progress.

I’m not saying a muscle-rigged character shouldn’t or couldn’t be sold on the Market, just stating that HE’s comment about selling it wasn’t sincere, just another jab at commercial Blender work.

The example itself is fantastic and I look forward to seeing how it evolves. Could potentially lead to a dedicated muscle system for Blender, which would be a godsend!

Thank you both again and now theres an english introduction too for the muscle sim and ofcourse i will try to improve it :slight_smile:

Great! Was waiting for an English version, my German’s a bit rusty since high school :wink:

yes!! thanks for the video in english and great job

Nice try. Just a reminder, the idea of animating parameters of each muscle object makes this a bit cumbersome.

There should be a driver between the parent bone scale.y and the muscle mesh scale.y (length) , scale.x (width) & scale.z (height).

Luckly there is a constraint which does this “Stretch to” . The mass isnt expanded correctly (or as it should be) but its a start maybe a driver can be added on top of this which increases the muscle mesh scale on x and z if the bone is stretched in a negative length.

The problems I had with the test was it get very hard to manage these muscles for the whole character, there is symmetry problem editing one part of the muscles doesn’t auto update the other muscles.

Yeah of course there could be more adjustments for the muscles but at least there is something that simulates muscles and its skin deforming but if you have some improvement proposes just take the blend file from the download and work it out that would be great so the blender muscle creator grows and gets better :slight_smile:

but i dont get the problem sorry :smiley:

there is no problem, I was just pointing some things out . Its just that this system gets very tedious when the muscle structure gets complicated.I also think shrinkwrap doesnt deform nicely.

Yes thats definetly true :slight_smile: the shrinkwrap modifier is a not so good but the only possible soltion at now and at my opinion blender definately needs a real object deformer ! Not this mesh deform thing i mean an armature modifier just for meshes !

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Thank you, very interesting idea.