Blender 2.8+ Call for Animation Advice

Hi there… not sure if I’m allowed to do this but thought I’d ask… I have an issue when rendering an animation… for some reason Blender has decided to only render ever other frame? Has anyone had this happen to them? And if so did you manage to figure it out? My brain is fried at the moment and I can’t figure it out. The worst thing is it was fine yesterday and I’ve actually done nothing else to the file… grrr. Thanks in advance. If this post is against the rules feel free to delete it, I won’t be offended :wink:

You can try rendering the scene with the Console as a background task to see if it sorts things out. To make that super easy, I created an addon:

Thank you Steve I’ll bear that in mind. I would rather try and figure out the issue in vanilla Blender before throwing other stuff at it though. Thanks for the suggestion though. I’m noticing that the render result shown in the UI is so far from the resulting video file too I’ve noticed… it’s doing my head in.

Sounds really strange! Hope you can track the issue down. FYI my addon is vanilla Blender Render, it just takes care of having to manually type the commands in to the console. But I understand not wanting to add anything to the UI, that could add a layer of distraction.

Good luck!

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In the “Dimensions” settings - where you set the size of the render image (icon looks like a printer) - Make sure that the “Step” value is set to 1. If you set it to 2, it renders every other frame. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Mark… unfortunately it’s already set to 1…