Blender 2.8 development thread

Another wish for 2.8 : i"d like to be able to transfer hair combing to another tpopology, and to change topology withoult messing the combing

I want Xgen in blender ^^

There is lot of work on the particle system in blender.


#metoo having hard to understand that logic. If the menu is getting too long, may be we need another entry menu, I just hate nested stuff :frowning:

Is there a reason that the lines of the 3D cursors crosshair don´t go all the way to the center point? It would be useful if the lines went all the way in because then we could see more precisely where the cursor is placed.

Non of the new designs have a visually distinguishable center either.


Will the splash get some TLC also for 2.8? I could imagine loading the snapshots used for icons , for the recent files.

Is it going to be discussed at some point common problems users have, and lack of consistency?
There have been some threads with some interesting proposals from some users, but I do not remember it well. Some of these threads:

Update on Workbench design with selection.

We want to remove the face dots in face select mode, because it’s very distracting, especially on dense meshes. Here’s how we want to differentiate vertex, edge & face select mode in Blender 2.8:

The big difference is, that now make the element type corresponding to the current to the selection mode more prominent. Than means the when in vertex select mode, vertices should be more prominent. In edge select mode, edges are more prominent. Same thing for face select mode.
Active elements will become more prominent, rather than less so, as is the case today.

Dang. I think like somebody mentioned earlier, this should be an overlay. Some people like them.

The face dots are definitely handy in wireframe view. I’ll have to see what they come up with for wireframe before I can judge whether I like it or not.


Face dots should still be an option - just have it tossed in the Mesh Display panel like the rest of the forgotten display helpers go. Face dots mark the boundary of whether or not a face is included in box/lasso select, and also lets us accurately select faces in wireframe mode.


facedots are really good, I won’t see with good eyes that remove completely.

Yeah, I’m not in favour of removing face dots either, maybe make it an overlay or a global setting or something.

About 3d cursor : why not make it a full 4*4 matrix with scale as well ? Could be useful for “matching transforms” or other tools. I think the plan is to make the “3d cursor placement tool” capable of moving it, snapping it etc.

Agree the studio lighting should have on of those “normal ball” widgets.

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New Blender Dev vid


Could be nice if the random color could be per material too, to see which objects use the same material.
There is a material option, but right now, it’s not working.

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Not a fan of face dots, so I’m glad they are looking into it… But I don’t think it’s necessary to make the active elements that prominent… But yeah, cool stuff…

I agree.

I agree for those who don’t like them, it’s a nice idea. I just think if they were overlays, they could be on or off.


Irrelevant to me. I’m fine with either of the two options.
In any case I would like better visualization to better distinguish things like overlapped faces, or separate (split, not connected) faces. The same for edges and vertices I guess.
Maybe a “Merge Distance” option like Remove Doubles is necessary for that viewing mode I’m proposing.
And perhaps extend it to UV editor too.

Well, now that I read zeauro message here and DcVertice comment here and in UX design entry, maybe it’s not that irrelevant to me. They have good points there

Facedots is not only a selection system, also allow you to know if the ngon have a problem and the weight of the ngon go to some direction because have more vertex or select in wireframe mode where the facedot system is basically the only way to select properly.

Also facedot system allow a lot of tricky ways to select faces with box selection. It allow you to select a lot of face without problems selecting that faces because other faces are near or overlay, but the facedot are not in the same position…


Combined mode in this mockup is not different than Vertex Select Mode.
How a user is supposed to understand that he is in a combined mode Vertex+ Edges and not in Vertex+Faces or Vertex+Edges+Faces ?

Since fusion of unwrap and edit mode, unwrap tools are using the idea of an active Face.

You can be in Vertex Select mode or Edge Select mode and unwrap your mesh.
There are both kinds of active element : an active vertex or an active edge and an active face.

Although follow active quads operator is restricted to activation of face select mode.
Mock-up is neglecting a solution for Edges+Faces combined mode.