Blender 2.8 development thread

Seriously, with everything in popovers, Topbar is cluterred in Texture Paint mode.

This Tool Properties Editor restores ability to have direct access to palette, brush texture preview, list of images or mask. Who wants to access to that by opening a popover, first ?

OK, this screen capture is ugly. But with ability to hide some of these panels and popovers that you decided to move to this area and new panels with a simplified look for 2.8 instead of 2.79 panels.
I think that we would be able to achieve aerated workspaces.


I wonder if they will move sub-object transform to the properties editor as well, a object/element toggle (like inside the N panel), that would be a nice touch.

Just told the material to be refractive, that was all.

The problem (as I see it) with your workflow is that if I want the node editor open I would have to create a layout for that, then a layout with the properties panel open, then a layout with both of them open to get something that if I could collapse a panel I don’t have to worry about layouts at all. Layouts imo should be to create a different context for different tasks. Like an animation layout, material layout, rendering layout etc.

I mean all tiles/views can already maximize and restore the tile, why not collapse and restore as well? If you can easily collapse and restore tiles, then you can easily collapse and restore the Properties panel, which means that at some point the N panel will be taking up precious horizontal space for no real reason.

Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be able to create a custom panel with your most used parameters, but that should be something that Blender should allow users to easily create on their own without having to script anything. If Blender had a create blank tile option, and gave you the ability to drag and drop or pin parameters to that panel. That would be cool too.

What I’m saying is that completely duplicating the properties panel inside of the N panel as some suggested is not the way to go. It’s a brute-force solution to a fundamental problem with Blender’s non-blocking UI implementation and lack of way to easily create a custom interface without having to script it. It’s a duplication of effort (and thus waste of resources) for no real benefit, lacks finesse imo, doesn’t address the underlying issue.


Yep that is another problem multires. has :frowning:

Really, all you need to do is press shift + F3 for the node editor and shift + F5 to switch back to the 3d view. I use alternate layouts when I want more changes. I’ll often customize a couple of layouts and switch between the two. I’ve never felt this to be lacking. I wouldn’t gain much from being able to snap the node editor (or any other editor) into the edge of an editor as a collapsible panel.

I do see the value in being able to turn any editor into a collapsible panel. As I said, I wouldn’t hate blender if it were set up that way by default. Its just that, in my opinion, you would only want that arrangement if you wanted to have access to a select set of settings while in fullscreen. The n-panel tries to provide you with this, it just isn’t customizable. We need customization there in the same way we need artist friendly custom pie menus.

I would be ok with killing the n-panel in favor of having collapsible panels If there were a “custom panel” type editor I could use in its place. That would be a lateral move at best and a wasted opportunity to bring out the full potential of the n-panel.

It seems like under the hood its already capable of doing most of what we want. Look at how the blender pro template changed the n-panel. That was done with whatever limits 2.79 template system has atm (It has been said that the interface is built in python). They already plan to add tabs to the n-panel. 2.8 is a good opportunity to make the n-panel a better fleshed out experience.

I like the Blender Pro template. I had never heard of it but it’s the direction I think the BF should be taking.

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I think that Motion Path is back in Blender 2.8. No changes between the previous versions and the 2.8 version though, changes can happen later.

some things are actually similar (tabs, for example). Anyway, 2.8 is developing at a furious pace. maybe they could integrate his idea while in the code quest

Right, and it was built using the early template system stuff 2.79 has atm. It shows how customizable the current layout engine is and gives us a glimpse of what can be done with the n-panel if it were enhanced a little.

Loving playing about with 2.8, especially now the armature modifier is all up and running.

I had some .fbx files from a game I was involved in the development of and although I couldn’t import them directly in 2.8, I was pleasantly surprised to find I could import them into 2.79, and ctrl+c and then switch to my 2.8 window and ctrl+v to paste.

Will we have “/” numpad key available for asylated/separated view (View global/local) in 2.8? I think we talked about it before here, but I do not remember if developers mentioned anything about it.


I hope they fix the camera reset “jump” that you get every time you switch form isolate view to show all too.


I do not see how this is a problem…it really does not cost anything more in terms of processing power…and it is optional…you seem to complain about everything they do whether it is optional or not :grin:

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Clutter, simply. Easier interface navigation without a lot of duplication.

@YAFU yes they mentioned it a few times, I think they want to make a new logic out of this, something that replaces advantageously the hide/unhide buttons.

@zeauro : ok I get it thanks !

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Will the Mesh/ Sub-object Transform(xyz Coordinates) be exposed/ accessible? AFAIK in 2.79 it’s hardcoded.

I think we need many new editor types. And before you say “Nooooo!, don’t make things more complicated” I’ll start by saying this will not do that. The vast majority of users would continue to use the existing editors for the vast majority of the time. But I think there is some utility in adding optional (rarely-used) editors just for unusual situations and niche users.

The first I would make is an “empty” editor. A placeholder for empty space, containing nothing but a menu button for changing the editor type to something else. Most of the time this would be never used, but would have great value for area merging. Right now we can only merge two areas if they share an edge that is the same length. So you cannot directly merge your 3D editor to the left or right if whatever is there is longer or shorter. With an “empty” editor you could allow any type of merging because you can fill any leftover space with it.

Other types of editors could be highly task-specific. Imagine that you have so many materials defined in your project that the list in Properties/Material is getting hard to manage. Add an area that contains nothing but a “Material List”. That list is just one long scrolling list of material names and previews. You can have lots of sorting options and even filtering, so you can show only the materials that use the Hair shader, for example. Clicking on a row would do nothing more than just select that material in the list in Properties/Material. But then you could choose to make an entire column of your workspace a list of materials, another column for Properties, and another for the node editor.

Do a similar thing for “Textures List” and you’d have a list of thumbnails that you can then drag onto objects, materials, and nodes. You might even want to add seemingly silly things like an “Add Mesh” area for “Blender 101”-type workspaces.

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I understand the clutter, but I do not think any of us here do not customize our layout anyway…to the new user there may be a lot of cruft…aside from that idc if they add a million things…so long as I can disable what I do not want to see.

Finally motion path is back! so from here we can work fully on animations

My god, poor devs on :confused: Peoples insainly pushing so much stuff without minding how hard it to bring blender to new stage.