Blender Pro - Improving Blenders Interface and Usability

I have been working on a project that uses Application Templates to help Improve Blenders Interface and Usability. This is a work in progress, but at this point I am hoping to get some feedback from the community.


This is just the type of UX and workflow that Blender needs. The fact that you make everything so simple and intuitive is proof enough that you are doing a great job. I think that more contextual panel design is probably the best way to tackle the problem of switching (or finding) the options you need quickly. Blender like many similarly complex software suffers from having such a large amount of settings.

I know a lot of things will change in 2.8 but can I suggest you keep a todo list of features that are blocking your progress that can be communicated to Blender developers.

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I like it. very refreshing ideas…

I like it, a lot. It’s great the way it gives you an easy way to access a lot of information in a neat and organized way. I hope the interface would go in this direction

Wow… I am really loving this. Thanks Andyrexic

There are a lot of nice concepts going on there :slight_smile: Beautiful work

This is really great! Any chance you can add ambient occlusion to the viewport settings? Or is it hiding in another menu?

Very interesting.

I think you should up the toolbar space at the top with some quick-access buttons. Only about half of it has use which isn’t to the full potential to displaying things there.

Ohh woow. This a lot cleaner,… and with asset-management…… for free.
Good idea for example to open a new node-editor for material (temporary use), instead of having this open all the time. Many good ideas. I will test it further out. Pretty sure it will be my default template.

Update: awh, but it messed up my default view, it’s like I have now the default and the BlenderPro mixed up when I load the default-template. That happends after you save Start-up-file when in the Blender-Pro template. It seems that some of the settings will go to the Default template as well. Will give an update later.

I have been looking for this since Fluid Designer, looks great. Regarding Blender 2.8 and assets manager, they say this will be available.

well no sign of it yet.

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I’m impressed. Although I’m using Blender for a couple of years now, I see the importance and very good ideas in your concept for UI. :+1:
Are there any conflicts with the new approach of 2.8??

You know, I was dubious about this (as I am about any thread about “improving Blender’s interface”) at first glance. So many people try to jump into UI/UX manipulation with zero planning and a half-baked concept of what good UI and UX consist of. But this… this is amazing. This is 100% the type of experience that Blender should be providing to users. I know you’ll get gripes about burying the tools in a menu from people who aren’t yet sold on the hotkey workflow, but aside from that this is an absolute thing of beauty. You’ve sold me, and I doubt there are many critics of both Blender’s current workflow AND of most proposed solutions as vocal as I am out there. I’ll start using this immediately.

I’m in the same boat as m9105826. I’m always in doubt when people post their “improvement” to Blender’s UI/UX (especially when they have “Pro” in the name ;P) but this really is built on a solid ground and a good understanding of the inconveniences of Blender.

I hope that this gains enough attention that the UI team for Blender 2.8 takes notice. Great job! :slight_smile:

This is by far the best interface redesign I’ve seen. I’ve tried BforArtists but I hated how it just tries to make things like Max, while making things more cluttered. What I love about your interface is how it makes it easier for beginners while also making it faster for pros.


Can I install this with the Steam version?

Hi, I appreciate any help anyone could give on this. I am on Linux mint and when trying to save an asset or a material it comes back with Errno 2 file not found error no such file or directory. But if I use the windows version and run it with wine then everything works.

Here comes the calvary…
Welcome to the party Andy.

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This UI is really amazing! And this capability to “paint” particles is so nice!!

It’s worth pointing out that you have always been able to paint particles like that in Blender.

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Promising, looking forward to see more!