Blender Pro - Improving Blenders Interface and Usability

I am totally keeping this template as my default. Andyrexic did an outstanding job with fluid designer I was happy to be one of the first to purchase it when it came out. If Andyrexic is behind this… then I just cant wait to see the next release. Keep up the good work

Wow. That looks fantastic.

I just subscribed to your channel, AND I turned on notifications - the first time ever I have done that.

Well done sir!

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Awesome. Great work. This really needs to become part of Blender or indeed a much used solution.

Hi Andy, I tried out your template and feels very well design. Although I like it, at the moment I prefer the original Blender default, somehow I am unable to return to this default settings, even using the File / Default option. I even de-install and re-install blender with no success .Please let me know how to uninstall the Blender Pro Template. Thanks.

I don’t like this, because it’s trying to solve too many non-existing problems. I like that you have a vision. But to make such drastic changes would require a lot more “design thinking”. Maximizing the viewport because it’s epic and thus it would be ideal is a bad argument for a designer.

Besides some neat quality of life changes that I like…

  • placement mode (g, shift + z)
  • libraries with graphically previewed lists (like matcap and sculpt brushes)
  • dropdowns changed to lists (worlds and materials)
  • integrated modifiers

…the main thing I take away is that the properties space is in urgent need of modernization.

Thank you for your contribution.

I think all you need to do is delete the folder for it that is under blender’s config folder. I use linux, so for me it is under ~/.config/blender/2.79/config

One thing I’d like to know is how this will work with certain addons. I’m currently experimenting with Armory and many of its options are in panels that no longer exist in this interface. I’d like to make Blender Pro default but I’m not willing to yet if I can’t access certain features.

I’ve tried this on an off since it came out. It takes some getting used to but the more I use it the more I like it. It’s really well thought out.

I´m backing this 100%. Specially if you can do a better render region a la Softimage. With stored view compatibility.

OK, looks interesting but, what files do I need to download and what do I do with them? I know, very basic questions but I do like concise actions over, here it is. I am grateful but a little more information would go a long way.

I couldn’t seem to find a way to change rendering engines. Am I missing something really obvious?

Nevermind. Of course I look around for it for a long time and as soon as I post I stumble onto it. I think it’s actually good that it’s kind of hidden because it’s a setting that doesn’t need to be change very often, but new things just take a while to figure out. For anyone else that’s having problems finding. It’s in the Render Menu/Render Settings.


It looks amazing and very promising! I like how concise some things are such as mod panel, texture (@displace modifier) etc. I also like how compact and contextualized everything is.
If i were to criticize it subjectively then it appears to be tailored for one type of work. I’d love to see some character work, hard surface modeling, texturing/uvs, painting, sculpting etc. I’d also like to see it being used for animation. Currently I fear that with such strong changes, some areas might be overlooked. Another thing I am worried about is longevity - so it’s perfect, let’s install it, learn it… and a year from now you got the best job (Mars volunteer ) and we’ll never see an update/it being maintained. Instead we’ll start seeing more and more errors and exceptions to a point it’s unusable. Can you alleviate these doubts. Thank you!

shut up and take my money.
the architectural template is one of a kind and you should be like “Hey Blender… Call me”

Greate template, but when I am trying to add an object to the library. It puts the .blend file in it but not the .png.
So when I am opening the library there is no file.

Except when I 'm making a new startup file (blank file) and then put the object in it.
Then it is going good.

I’m I doing sometingt wrong???

Agreed, would love to see some of this make its way into blender. The architect mode looked great!

Andyrexic, this template works akso in 2.8, is it supposed to work there?

Nice! :+1:

I know some friends that could never stick to blender because of the awkwardness would have loved this. I bet anyone coming from other 3D Appz would prefer this over bVanilla.

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WOW, this is really something! Any chance of connection this template and developers?

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One of the most awesome things to blender ever, You give the community a asset browser that the developers found to difficult to do. NOW! Please Andyrexic, update your template to Blender 2.8. I will certainly donate 10 US to you, and I am sure many others will too.