Blender Pro - Improving Blenders Interface and Usability

Any news or update on the 3d Workspace for Blender 2.8?

Seconding an update for 2.8!

third-ing just to see which ideas will be pitched in

Hi, great job, congrats !
I’m using it and love it, but how do you set up a background image?

Sorry it’s been a bit since I have been on this forum, but I have some personal projects that I will be able to share with the community. I will have the Blender Pro Add-ons available soon. Here is a video explaining some of the projects I will be working on.


The assembly builder addon looks really interesting. Kind of similar to the functionality of RailClone. With the sidebar addon, will there be space for the properties of other installed addons? That’s one of the big complaints about the current official UI, that with multiple addons the properties panel fills up very quickly.

Good to see this project is alive I really like the whole UI you have created with blender pro

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So far I haven’t ran out of room on the properties sidebar, but it would be possible if you had a lot of add-ons enabled. Maybe we can have multiple rows of tabs or include a scroll bar. When it becomes a problem I may have to take a look at the source code and see if i can suggest a possible solution.

I wonder if a drop down menu would work.

It’s good to see you back in action. Can’t wait to see you work your magic
with this. :clap::smiley:

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Here is a quick overview of where I am at so far with the Side Bar Add-on. I’ll have some more updates soon.


That’s a great addition to the UI. I’d wish they used the side bar that way natively. You nailed the best use case for it!

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the video popped up on youtube yesterday… great work as always! The blender interface is quite hardwired in my brain unfortunately :smiley: but I love the logic behind your interface. I am definitely going to try to use it.

When do you think you’ll be releasing the interface splitter? THat’s another neat looking plugin!

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Thanks Bernardo!

Yeah the Sidebar add-on is really setup to help my work flow, but I plan on making more tools that others in the community might find helpful.

The interface splitter add-on is available now, but I will make a official release in the next week or two.

I have been using it throughout the day so far. It’s great! I reminds me a bit of Modo’s ZEN UI. Once you use it once its hard to go back to working without it.

I’d hope the Blender team can take a page from that design approach when polishing the interface in the future.

Feedback wise, I think it could use a bit more identifiable visual markers. For example if you work on a high resolution display or a smaller graphics tablet, it can be a bit hard to read the tabs to the right. They are densely packed together so its a bit hard to identify which one you need. Some kind of icon or color coding could easily improve the identification process. Nothing major. =)

I’m glad you find it useful. I agree that it would be nice to add icons to the tabs as well. Thanks for the feedback.

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