Latest Development for Fluid Designer

Unfortunately Microvellum is no longer funding the development of Fluid Designer, but It’s been a great five years of development. I still plan on using Blender everyday to improve my skills as an artist and take what I have learned about Blender Development and apply it to the Blender 101 Project.

Sad news but thrilled you will still be contributing. FD was an epic project!

Sad news, indeed. But, could you please migrate those great tools of FD as regular Blender add-on or set of addons, for Microvellum that project becomes crap, but not for Blender´s community. Thanks, and I´m still using FD in my daily work (mainly as asset manager)

Sorry to hear that. If there is opportunity, i would also love to see it in standard addon repositories.

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It will be nice to see it incorporated into ArchiPack.

Actually, that sounds like a great idea. Maybe some sort of coordination is possible?

The Fluid Designer asset manager required some changes to Blenders core code so it can’t be converted to an Add-on, but with 2.8 we should have a new asset manager built into Blender. I have been doing some research into Archipack and I definitely want to contribute to that project. There is a lot of really good functionality in that add-on, and I have some ideas to make it even better.

Hi Andrew,
Realy sad news !

Feel free to share your ideas for archipack enhancements, and as main developper point parts/concepts of FD you want to see ported.
As said i’m open to any contribution, your experience with FD will be invaluable for archipack, so welcome on bord !

Been a while since I looked in here… so just axed over Xmas without notification … still I suppose that’s consistent with Microvellum’s other customer friendly behaviour like when the download just disappeared from the website.
Seems like they made all that good work a wasted effort by a lack of commitment and just when 2.8 would have given them real time visualisation with eevee. Really I thought the whole idea of utilising Blender was a good one. Interesting to know why they discontinued - not popular/profitable? - Blender regarded as junky/unprofessional??
Will there still be a 2.79 compatibility release at github? It seems like that was being worked on for a while… shame to trash a few months of work even if its not officially out there.

This is too bad

I just wanted to show it to my interior design students


As alternative,
might worth take a look at archipack “unofficial” version.

(unofficial as currently we have to wait for 2.8 release to push changes done)

Greetings. I apologize for the bad english.
What is located
can be used for any purpose? Or what license?

Since the License is GPL 3.0, its free to use free to change. But you can’t sell it EVER

I am not sure what kind of assets manager they are talking about in Blender 2.8, I have not seen any demo or picture of it. The one in FD is epic
tell me please, and the libraries of models that this link has, can they also be used for commercial projects?
tell me please, and the libraries of models that this link has, can they also be used for commercial projects?

100% Agree

I think you can, but I will suggest that you look up the GPL 3.0 document to be sure

Hi everyone,

I have started to research application templates in an effort to help improve Blenders Interface and usability. This is still very much a work in progress, but i hope some of you will find it helpful. I started a new thread for the project. Check it out and let me know what you think.


This video gives me hope that the Fluid Designer project will be revived somehow.

Asset Libraries in Blender 2.83

If I understand correctly the biggest stopper to update the FluidDesigner for Blender 2.8 is the lack of this Asset Libraries functionality?

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