Blender 2.8 Troubles with PC, More than just Crashing (Specs Listed)

Hello! I bought a new laptop relatively recently, and I will list the specs below. Basically, I haven’t been able to find anyone else with this problem yet, searched for weeks, but when I use the Blender 2.8 Beta, after some amount of time (sometimes an hour, sometimes it will work longer) it will freeze. Then, I have to exit with task manage, but when I try to close Task Manager, it freezes too! (This behavior has only happened with blender 2.8 so far.) So I end up restarting my computer.

Any other version of Blender works just fine. All my games work fine, and nothing has been problematic except for blender, and I haven’t seen this happen with anyone else.

My OpenGL version is 4.6. My Graphics Card is an NVidia, GeForce GTX 1050. My processor is an Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU, 2.8GHz.

Does anyone know why this could be happening? (And did I post the specs correctly? I am not a hardware person but I tried haha.)

Thanks in advance!

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hardware wise, specs are OK. The Graphics Card is more then sufficient as is the processor you identified. Can you also provide how much memory (RAM) does your system have? This also should be visible in Task Manager.

With regards to the freezing problem, blender 2.8 is of course beta, but that is one interesting potential bug you have.

Are you using the latest build? (latest blender 2.8 download?) This version is updated daily, so one of the releases might have had a bug but later fixed? Though this is a long shot.

With the latest one, I was able to run for few hours and so far have not experienced anything similar. But I do have a different hardware setup then you, so this point is not much help.

So if you are using latest 2.8 and experiencing this freeze, I recommend reporting a bug to blender.

Additionally, during your next session, have your task manager open so that you can see how memory is used. There is a small possiblity that blender is consuming all the memory, making it freeze along with windows.

Might actually be a hardware problem, laptops get hot pretty quick, especially when using 3d programs, perhaps placeing it on a fan assited rest board might help…

yeah, try to download HW info ( and do whatever you do in Blender, and then check maximum reached temperatures, or just post a screenshot in here

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Thanks for the information. I have 8GB RAM. And yes I am using the most recent 2.8 update (though this has happened on every version so far haha). And I will try the Task Manager and see if it’s using up all the memory. Thanks again :slight_smile: I will report back!

And also do as @ostapblender mentioned, download hwinfo to track temperatures .

The temperatures were at around 50 Celcius, and the memory was not being used much either. When the freeze happened again, nothing in either of them changed or spiked.

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When it freezes are you able to shutdown/restart Windows normally or do you have to do a hard reset by holding down the power button for 10 seconds, etc.?

Have you tried updating your Nvidia drivers since you’ve had the problem?

How long have you waited to see if it may un-freeze on its own after a few minutes?

You may want to review all the programs that are configured to startup automatically when the system boots up, and disable everything that’s not essential to your workflow. You could have some 3rd-party background process that wakes up every so often and is somehow interacting poorly with what’s going on at that time.

Make sure you’re downloading the 64-bit version of Blender rather than the 32-bit version.

I have to do a hard reset with the power button.

All drivers have been updated.

I don’t remember the longest I’ve waited, but the first time it happened I know I waited a really long time, more than just a few minutes.

And yes I am using the 64-bit version.

Remember, my entire system doesn’t freeze, but the task manager does, and so does blender. The behavior changed slightly today, today it just froze, quit responding, and then the task manager seemed to keep working.

If you haven’t yet, try switching blender to high performance so it would run on the nvidia graphics instead of the intel graphics.

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Status update!

Tried your suggestion, and I have tried all the things that I’m usually doing when it breaks. It’s still on!

I think your suggestion worked! Thanks a ton haha. I’ll report back if it breaks again.

So as I suspected, we have narrowed down the issue to intel graphics. Theres a thread in here discussing the EEVEE/workbench renderer and intel graphics. Maybe you should post in there too.

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It happens to me as well. Everything works fine, all drivers are up to date, p’s been formatted a few weeks ago with nothing cracked on it, no viruses, registry ok, disk ok. CPU max performance set to 99%. There’s no way to prevent Blender freezing the entire pc, not just crashing. I even purchased a one year license of Driver Easy for 36€ to find and install all the updated drivers for my pc, but nothing changed.

Specs, Blender version? I assume you’re using Windows 10.
First thing I can definitely tell you:
You wasted 36 Euro on something that will most likely causes more problems than it helps. Sry.

Windows 10, Intel i7 HQ7700 2.8 GHz, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti (4 GB), 16 GB DDR4. Tried to disable Intel HQ graphics to see if it gets better after reading this thread today. Left my pc rendering with cycles a scene that I rendered several times and gone have lunch. As I got back to my pc to see that it restarted automatically supposely after an auto reboot due to “driver power state failure” which again only happens with Blender.

Now I tried to do the same process but with Intel HQ Graphics active and Global 3D applications assigned to Nvidia with High Performance and it kept the pc alive for now. My next step is to try and see if installing linux on my machine gives me any improvement.

It may happen only with Blender, but it’s 99% chance that it’s NOT a Blender bug. This will either be a hardware problem, or possibly a driver issue. I would start with the Nvidia drivers (change to a diferent version even if it has to be an older one).

If you find and right click on Blender.exe, do you get a “Run with graphics processor >” context menu item, and does it matter to hich option you select?

Whats your PSU and Motherboard, either the PSU fails to deliver enough power or(I suspect this) the motherboard you chose might have a under powered VRM design. Pointing a fan internally directly at the motherboards VRM might improve the situation however once you have confirmed(if indeed this is the issue) the VRM as the source issue I would recommend looking into getting a beefier MoBo.

edit: I see in the next post you say that not using the dedicated nVidia GPU seems to solve it, so it might be either your PSU that is under powered or your GPU is not getting enough airflow to sufficiently cool itself, but in that case it should start throttling it’s clock speed rather than crash.

edit2: doh, reading the later post again, you do seem to have the same issue, you were previously using the intel GPU for rendering blender viewport. Now using nVidia/dedicated graphics solved it then.

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