BLENDER 2.83 (2.90) unstable & corrupting files on MacOS! Anybody else got this?

Good the semester is done. I cannot suggest to students with macOS working with the new version of Blender which is sad because the boolean modifier changes are fantastic !

Wow, interesting. I’m a Mac user and I have not had any problems what-so-ever.

Mac BigSur. Blender 2.91 - Working just fine here.

Feedback like this gives me hope. You are the second one to report this. :wink:

Unfortunately a lot of other users still have huge issues… :cry:

Do any of your students use Big Sur (and have the same issues)?

EDIT: I posted some student files corrupted and fixed

I always use append to get the data back - but boolean modifiers interestingly partially get lost

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I’ve switched back to 2.82. 2.83 through 2.92.0 alpha on Catalina and Big Sur are unusable for me.

I started thinking it has something to do with the display going to sleep. Is that possible? A lot of times, the crashes happen when I come back to my computer after a break and open up Blender, which has been running in the background. I click once anywhere on the screen and it crashes. I’ve tried testing my theory by setting the display sleep time to 1 minute and then seeing if Blender crashes after I wake it up. It doesn’t crash then, so maybe there’s something else about leaving the app alone for a bit.

macOS Big Sur 11.1
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019), 3.6 GHz 8-core i9, Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB, 72GB RAM

If an object or collection was corrupted I had no chance to append it into a new project. It would crash the new project immediately. I had to go through old versions until I found one with said object or collection still intact - then I could append it.

Nothing good ever comes from upgrading OSX if you do very technical things on your computer to pay your bills.

I don’t do Blender professionally.

OS X 10.14.5
Blender 2.90 & 2.91 are working as good as they ever were on my 2014 macbook pro.

2019 16 inch macbook pro, Catalina user here, I’m reverting to 2.82.

2.91.0 having numerous crashes, doing quite mundane operations, and sometimes at the very end of a render (before and after saving individual PNGs).

2.92a crashed pretty much straight away so hopefully rolling back will help.

However… I have just upgraded from a 2016 15 inch macbook pro (catalina) that ran 2.91.0 quite solidly.

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Same issues here. Upgraded to Big Sur and now blender 2.83 crashes and corrupts more or less any file I open, after a while. I can append some collections, but if I select one particular collection to append it will crash the new file and corrupt it.

Strangely the common factor between the collections that corrupts the files are always the default collection name. IE, when I rename a collection it can always be appended. I’ve also just started making collections visible and invisible to help with certain parts of the modelling process, so maybe that is adding to the reason I’m getting so many crashes.

Reading through this thread I will try blender 2.91, and also blender 2.82, as recommended by @JollyJumper. I’m delighted I found this thread, as I thought i was slowly going insane!

Cheers everyone! :call_me_hand:t2:

I’ve been using 2.91 in Catalina without any issues. I’m also running it on my M1 Mac Book Air with Big Sur but I haven’t done are serious stuff on that machine yet.

I’m really jealous.
And I truly wonder why the newer versions work on some macs and not all on others. It obviously has nothing to do with the OS. Hmm…

Sorry to hear. But that’s exactly where I am, as well.

I’m pretty sure 2.82 will work perfectly well for you. :wink:
But that can’t be the solution in the long run. We are already approaching 2.93!
I’m actually surprised there are not more threads and that there is not more outcry about this. Sure, there are much less Blender Mac users…but still enough of us to deserve a working version. Pleeeaaase!

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I will say that in my years of experience working in OS X, I can trace most of the issues and crashes to some form of incorrect permissions for a particular folder (typically related to a cache location or some other form of temp files).

I also found that doing a full re-format/re-install at least once a year (normally to match a new OS upgrade) is a good idea, and one that I would recommend to my Windows colleagues as well.

I was helping out a friend with a Mac which had been updated through the years but not actually re-formatted/re-installed in at least 5 years. He was running into all sorts of weird issues from apps crashing to weird video glitches. He was quite resistant to my suggestion but eventually I managed to convince him and after we did a clean re-install the machine ran flawlessly. We did it this past Summer, and every time I speak with him he tells me how well his computer runs.