Blender 2.9 keeps crashing

Hi everyone.
Is it just for me or is blender 2.9 constantly crashing? It crashes when I am in the middle of modeling. It closes by itself and I am having to open and redo everything again.


i’m working in a quite complex scene, 3 character with a lot of constraints and so, trees, dof, many actions in the NLA, 4k PSD-files and son on. No crashes.

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I see. I’ve been working on a pizza model and I was almost towards the end and I saved after doing a wrong move and before I can hit undo, blender crashed and I just ended up losing everything.

Sounds like a “you” problem.

Crashes should never be blamed on the end user, whatever the user did punishing him with a crash and losing work is never an appropriate way to deal with things.

@Vishnu_Menon try running blender from the command prompt when it crashes it may tell you about a crashlog being written that could be used to file a bug on


I will try that! Thank you

I just downgraded to 2.8.5 and now everything seems perfectly fine and normal. No crashes and a smooth workflow.

May be a corrupted startup file, if you “import settings” from 2.8 when installing 2.9, try file->defaults->reset factory settings.
The new undo system is not realy bulletproof at this time, enable “undo legacy” in preferences experimental.

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It doesn’t crash on startup, it crashes in the middle of me working… Would that happen due to a corrupt startup file?

Yes it is possible, just try to see if this help.

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Worth checking the Recover -> Auto Save. Backs up a lot.

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Okay thank you!

Hey sorry you had to deal with some useless bullshit replies in this thread.

I’m currently facing the same issue, I feel like this most recent update has come paired with a hell of a lot more crashes. My issues seem to be from looking at the rendered viewport, or even just rendering images.

This has only been happening to me since updating, and I have never had these problems before.

Cheers! Hope we can get more insights.

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Vishnu, I had some crash problems with versions > 2.83.5 which was caused by an addon in my case.

You can find a crash report in your temp directory, which might be extremely helpful to trace down what’s happened.,Crash%20Log,create%20a%20file%20called%20test.

The manual says this feature is currently disabled under windows. It seems this warning is outdated. I’m using 2.90.0 and windows 10 ent. and a crash file is generated. (tested with blender vanilla / blender e-cycles)

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That’s exactly the problem I faced. Crashes when in the rendered viewport. I gave up and downgraded to 2.8.5 and now everything is working perfectly. Hopefully, the problem gets fixed in the next update and I’ll just install it then.

what do you mean? 2.8.5 seems not to exist

Oh I’m sorry my bad. 2.83.5

Hi Mr Stephen! I have your archipack pro add-on. (It’s awesome)

I was working on a project in 2.9 (it crashes often) I updated to 2.9.1to continue with my project. there is improvements but, it crashes in COMMAND Z
I’m getting in love with blender but, this is frustrating.

Using a macbook pro 2019

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Try to enable “Undo Legacy” in preferences->experimental->debbuging.
This setting disable new undo system, so it is slower on undo but probably safer.

I found it. I’ll check it. Thanks!