Blender Car crash Breakdown

(albin merle) #1

This a personal projet i made to test soft and rigid bodies in Blender. What a powerful tool ! Cycles Render eat all bilions of polygons up. Even with 3d depth of field and motion blur.
unfortunately i couldn’t render it with GPU because of the weight of the file.
I decided to test Linked .blend as well in this little project, it works perfectly !! I think blender is a great competitor to other 3d software and is ready to use in PostProduction.
Of course this project could be better but as a personal project i wanted to finish it in 4 days.
i Hope you’ll like it. I would like to record a tutorial for you when i’ll have a moment.
let me know in comments if any part of it can be improved or if you know a better way to deform a non-rigid object.

(julperado) #2

:eek: Wow, that looks really, really good! Awesome work.

Could you share a little bit more about the process?

(Peter18) #3

Holy crap this is incredible!

(pafurijaz) #4

Wow very well done VFX. awesome.

(BigBlend) #5

Of course this project could be better but as a personal project i wanted to finish it in 4 days.


4 Days!!.. Could be better???.. I thought I was watching a new scene from the Matrix.

This is almost Hollywood. By almost I mean it’s most the render noise but if it rendered twice as long then it would be perfect.

(koto-feja) #6

Wow! Amazing.

(MmAaXx) #7

4 days… jeeez!

(Photox) #8

Great effect. Top row for sure.

(NGCHunter2) #9

:rolleyes: With some more samples this would be ready for a film, and you just told us that YOU WANTED TO FINISH IT IN 4 DAYS?! :eek:
Thats some epic footage, my congrats, really cool stuff!

(Mr. Chuan) #10

Bravo!!! A very deserved Top Row!!! Congratulations!!!

(Jamie B) #11

4 days?!?!?

Incredible. I wouldn’t of even got the simulations done in 4 days, you sir, are a very fast worker.

Very, Very nicely done. A well deserved top row feature! 5 stars

(Craig Jones) #12

Wow, all I can say is bring on the tutorial!! Thank you for sharing this!

(Meta-Androcto) #13

hi, have you tried the fracture modifier build? looks like it would suit your style.
Awesome job. Congrats.

(norvman) #14

Yes… tutorial please… and Wires… and sim setups… and maybe even a few texture node setups…

(Max Detourniere) #15

4 Days ?!!
Like… in dog years ? Or real 4 freaking days ? :open_mouth:

Did you model the assets yourself ? And what was the most challenging part for you ?

It looks incredible, well done sir.

(Rp2) #16

Simply Outstanding :yes: work…
now… cant wait to see ur tutorial & making of !!

(claus82) #17

4 days!!! Just insane! Congrats!

(karlis.stigis) #18

Very nice!

(Jaol) #19

Very good!

(aFoxNamedMorris) #20

Nice reference to The Matrix Reloaded! The aesthetic and feel are all there. Nice work, indeed!