Blender.exe starts as a document (WINDOWS) HELP


ok no clue how I did it but for some reason I messed up my file associations.

When I double click a blend file Blender starts.

But here it comes when I double click the Apricot.exe it asks me with which program I want to start it !!! ???

What in crying out loud did I do - and how can I fix it???


If it really is Apricot.exe??, (I haven’t downloaded the build yet), your Windows system has no idea that it is a version of Blender, but should do something…?? You should be able to “right click” on a file, choose >Properties and then >Change and Navigate to the Program that you want to run your file. But I am a bit confused by the file, an .exe, which should just run, so, ask your question again with a bit more explanation, and maybe we can help your along. You certainly have helped many others. Sorry if this just pushes things along.

Sounds like a registry issue.
Have you tried reinstalling Apricot?

Are you trying to run a shortcut or the exe itself?
(If shortcut then maybe the problem is with that - just right click the application itself and Send To - Desktop (create shortcut) to make a new one)

I’m assuming that your other exe files execute normally.
Right click the exe and go to properties.
Make sure “Type of File” is listed as application.
If not, check your file extension and make sure it really is .exe and not anything else.
(If you have renamed it, possibly the extension was removed entirely even.)
Try renaming it with a .exe extension to see if it works.

Crap I think I either got a virus or something or I busted Windows again.

I noticed I cannot start ANY exe through the exe icon.

I can only start a particular program though starting a document which starts the exe.

Windows …

Anybody has an idea what that could be? I cannot say I have much of a clue of how to fix those issues with WinXP.

use systems restore to set it back the when it was working right the run a thorough virus scan. start, all programs, accessories, systems tools, systems restore. pick a date when it was working and run it. it’ll reset your somputer to how it was and reboot. dont worry takes a while or restarts slow, it’ll restart fine the next time.

Sounds like a virus

I hope system restore works. If it doesn’t, you might want to try this.

1.) My apricot build is named “Blender.exe”
2.) All windows executeables start with the same bits. Due to the fact they are interpreted as zeroes and ones inside the CPU to call internal commands like [Commandregister]:[Adressregister] the cpu could never know its executeable without those magic-byte/magic number… nor the OS.
So in windows all executeables start with
“MZ” hex(8) 4D:5A:90:00:03:00:00 - 04:00:00:00:FF:FF:00:00
simply look it up with a hex editor. if this does not match its either:

  • non-executable,
  • malformed or
  • malware

If you cought a virus you might wanna try this combination:

AntiVir personal free
Outpost personal firewall (i use pro it got more options and realtime spyware protection and is 30USD for 2 years update)
SpyBot Search&Destroy

I use that combination… I get around 200-400 Portscans attacks and many other attacks a day, not all from hackers but from worms and troyans from infected machines.

My systems are virus and malwarefree now since i had my 486dx2/66 where i cought the formboot.32 virus ^^ that was about 15 years ago… and i am online around 15-20h a day. So i can blindly recommend the above tools.

For those who want to have some more :smiley:

MZ (0x4D5A) btw are the initials of Mark Zibikowski who invented the .exe file format. And the magic number has its root in the PDP-8 one of the first “smart”, programmable Computers.

Well if no .exe works, how did Class Cuhen tell us that no exe works? :stuck_out_tongue:

The fast way to restore exe functionality would be (if that is what is broken)
(could have though of this before than smartassing around ^^ )

explorer: create>new>textfile, open it for edit.


@="\"%1\" %*" 
"IsolatedCommand"="\"%1\" %*" 

Save > change the extension from TXT to REG, right-click the file and and choose ‘Merge’ or ‘install’ not quite sure how it is named.

hth. at least thats where the shell execution of windows exe files is nested.

@ Blenderman

because I am running a MacBookPro and was able to boot into OS X after WinXP started to not start any exe through clicking onto the exe icon ???

@ arexman

ok the problem I have is that the Registry Editor says that it cannot import the text.reg because the specific file is not a registry scrupt. you can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor.

Seriously besides Viruses this is another reason why Windows is a major joke.

How are people who are even less tech savy than I am supposed to fix that?

I cannot start ANY program - non …

So I cannot even start windows restore

What a mega BS

The only way to start an app is my starting an associated document.


I also noticed that all controll panesl gvie me this error:

Application not found.


And in fail-safe mode how does it run?


Check your file associations if you can.
Go to “My computer” , select your HD like Drive C, Look for “folder options” under the “tools” drop down and select “file types” from there.

That should bring up a list of file extensions and file type. your .exe extension should not be on the list (wasn’t on my list).

P.S. hope that helps,
BTW grew up around GR area and loved it up there during summer. :RocknRoll:

Just checked, cubofJudahslion link is much more detailed and graphical.

It looks the rundll32.exe is the problem.

I also think yesterday a Trojan got onto my computer
because the fire wall reported program “a” to unblock.

After that all started to get screwed.

So there should be now exe file assiciation? I found a website where they said to Add one!


ok I was able to boot into safe mode and start the restore tool.
However it seems not to work. after selecting a point / date
and clicking next to start the process nothing happens at all.

everything else doesnt work again.

to start firefox I still need to click on a webpage file.

Puh …

ok I added the exe file type and than actually selected this time restore because the icon was different and now everything seems to work again.

[quote=cekuhnen;1206928]@ arexman

ok the problem I have is that the Registry Editor says that it cannot import the text.reg because the specific file is not a registry scrupt. you can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor.

my bad, your bad :slight_smile:
do not import, rightclick on the .reg and choose add/merge and add as first line

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="\"%1\" %*" 
"IsolatedCommand"="\"%1\" %*"

i forgot the header ^^

and if that isnt working try:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="\"%1\" %*"

late, but in any case someone uses forumsearch or google at least he got the whole code now ^^