Blender Girl 2.5

Here’s my coughtributecough to MCHammond’s Blender Girl 2…or blatant rip-off, you decide.

Still very much a WIP.


still needs some more defined features

I’m not really sure what you mean by that.

The body is finished I think.

Just need to do a simple mouth and a belt and then I’m ready to start in on the rigging. Still haven’t decided if I’m going to do a proper UV unwrap or just keep it like it is–the little bit of stretching on the front of the hip might need to be dealt with somehow.

I was thinking about making a bubble helmet like on Mars Attacks but I think that’s too much trouble, maybe a ray gun or something.

Anyway, a couple test renders.


Can’t decide if the solid or striped sleeves look better.


I don’t know what to say really. Looks like you have decent edge loops…
As far as Blender Girl is concerned. The colors for you outfit are the only thing I can see that resemble Blender Girl. What you have is a different entity altogether. :wink:

Yeah, more the design than anything I got from Blender Girl 2 and that came from elsewhere as well.

Didn’t originally plan on making her an alien–knocked out the head in a couple hours with the intention of going back to fix it up and when I was looking at what needed to be changed I started to dig the whole ET thing that was going on so went with it. I blame the eyes.

I don’t know, I like it.

Oops, forgot the shoulders.

Now the body is finished…if I can resist the urge to but a little box on her back like the stormtroopers have.

Almost ready to start rigging.


I love it :smiley:

I think that “Blender Girl” is any female character made in blender that wears cloths with the blender color i.e. blue and orange.

Will she have super powers?

Are you going for a more anime style?

Ohmigod eyelids or something please. Right now the eyes scare me. Other than that, it looks very clean. Good job!

Thank ya…

Yeah, I was aiming for anime style but got a little side tracked. Don’t know about super powers or any sort of back story.

I still have to resize the eyes which should take care of the scary stare, the eyelids need to overlap the iris a bit.

Have enough of a rig to make an ‘action shot’ so…

Only really have the stock mancandy IK foot setup, which needs some more work for footroll and such, and the FK rig done along with the base deforming armature. Still need IK fingers, hands/arms, head/neck and figure out a good IK spine since I haven’t had much luck with that in the past. Oh, and a facial rig… and custom bone shapes… shape keys…

Added in the IK/FK switch base thing from my other model to see how it would look, nothing is hooked up yet. Probably need to add a switch for the spine eventually.

Yeah, almost done.


Posted this image in another thread so I may as well post it here too.

Rigging is almost done, just need to make control bones/shapes for the IK foot control and hook up all the FK/IK switches then off to shape keys.

I also wanted to figure out how to put the images in the middle of the text since I’ve seen other people do it.

Lookin good, Lookin goog!

I like the rig controls you got!
are you doing a face rig, or are you just gona use sliders?

You should make her side kick!
He is her little brother called the Gimp who wears a black bin liner cape and cardboard cutout mask held on with masking tape, his superpowers where a cardboard sword with duct tape on the blade. He’s really buggy and has loads of spots and thick bottle bottom glasses.

That way they can fight off the evil empire Autodesk!

I don’t know…

Might use lattices again for the mouth with some helper shape keys driven by the control bones. Still need to finish the inside of the mouth, right now it is just kind of a box I threw together really quick. Who knows, maybe I’ll do all shape keys.

For the eyelids and eyebrows more than likely will be just shape keys.

Need to check out some more characters to find something I like.

Yeah, she probably needs a sidekick…

she reminds me of a gundam character in a spacesuit. Nice.

I don’t think the top should be solid. For two reasons.

  1. drastically reduces the freedom of movement (FOV) for the character, real humans need to raise their shoulders when the arm rotates upwards a certain degree. (ghost in the shell2 has robots that have solid torso’s, and they look cool, but not like living human beings(which was the entire point to begin with, I think)
    2.It’s gonna be hell to get good deformation if you want that thing solid. Most certainly if you want the arms to have a lot of FOV.

There is a shoulder bone in there that’s all weight painted up its just hidden by the body. Only need to turn on x-ray to get at it is all.

Trying out lattices for the mouth

Not too bad I guess. Needs a little work around the corners of the top lip, I might have to add a helper bone since the lattice isn’t picking up the loop there very well or maybe increase the number of points.

Need to play around with it a bit more.

Yeah, I just like bumping my threads…

Been working on the shape keys. Have most of them done just need to finish up the shoulder and do something about the wrist twist–may need a new bone there so all the deformation is in the length of the glove instead of localized right around the elbow. I’ll figure something out.

Not too sure about the blender logo, trying it out to see if it would look ok without a belt with the logo built into the buckle. Maybe I’ll make a belt with a normal map and texture when I get around to uv unwrapping.

looks good, except for the logo imo. I’d try to either put it at her chest, like a collar/hanger of some sorts, or greatly enlarge the logo and have it blend in with the side of the costume at around the hip/waist. Could look sexy.

Another small update.

UV unwrapped her and baked the textures which wasn’t really necessary but good practice anyway. I think that’s the final texture.

Still need to finish up the rigging, the IK arm is giving me some problems with twisting the elbow. Might need to redesign the way the FK/IK switching works so they both effect the deforming armature instead of the IK bones controlling the FK bones which control the deforming bones. A little research is in order methinks.

Looking good. Spooky eyes still, but that’s a good thing. I liked the striped sleeves better, FWIW. And the logo at the navel is a nice touch - it’s different enough to be interesting. The only thing better, IMO, would be Blender logo pasties…

Its comming on great i like the blender logo!

The eys and face still look a bit off, are you working from any refrence? I would suggest finding a style you like and matching it! there is no point reinventing the wheel! there are plenty of eye types to choose from already just do a search of deviant art to see"look at the anime eyes"!
Also are the eyes spheres or planes, or just shaped mesh? I only ask because from past experience its 10X easier to work with spheres!

The blender logo looks Ace but if you want to add more here might be an idea!:
In a test I did when i was coming up with ideas for a character I had Hermes the messenger god from greek metholgy “you know. the guy with the wings on his boots” but instead of wings it was a blender sign. Pic below “sry this comp only has paint :(”: