blender HALO: Combat Evolved

Ok so recently i was playing halo1 for pc(Combat Evolved) and i thought to myself that it shouldn’t be to hard to recreate in blender, well this whole project exceeds my knowledge with blender. i can handle the programming, its just the animating, texturing, modeling that i can’t do very well, so now i would like to put this out here as a team project. so we are looking for:

and another programmer wouldn’t be to bad either :slight_smile:

also let me know if you can this of a clever remake of the name halo.

I’ve got a name.


I have a name idea:

Ring World: Fighting hordes of deadly super hyper ninja zombies

Halo Master Chief model snapshot. model courtesy of Nitty

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Nice Master Chief moddel

I can help… I can do game logic, animation and some pretty basic python scripting.

I’m a pretty good modeler. But, if we do make a Halo, why don’t we make one where you play as a marine? Instead of just cloning Halo 1, we could make our own original Halo. Lol I’m already saying our, looks like I volunteered. Not much of an animator, but a good modeler and an extremely good story artist (plus I have a MASSIVE texture library). Btw, I like the MC model, a subsurf and some creasing would make him look great.

@spiritofonyx right, i guess making a clone wouldnt be as fun, maybe you can play as a marine…or maybe even covenant??? i guess if we decided to we could make two story modes, a “choose your side” type of thing, and you could play through the story as a covenant elite, or as a newly recruited marine. if you could come up with some basic storyline that would be awesome, i can most likely get a marine model or make one(more ethical?) if somone maybe can do landscape design that would be awesome as well.

What is the point of making a game that already exists (and haves multiple sequels) ?

Hehe, we should totally have a grunt campaign lol.
I could take a shot at a low-poly marine, (unless you really wanted to) and story should not be a problem.

low poly marine = awesome :smiley: same goes for story!

What is the point of making a game that already exists (and haves multiple sequels) ?

We could then make changes to it. plus i find that it is fun to figure out (or at least get an idea) of how they made it

Yes that does sound like fun. Good luck.
I might help with python here and there.

Okay, three different story options for us:

  1. Contact Harvest, the story of the first contact between UNSC forces and Covenant, mainly a conflict between marines and jackals/brutes/grunts on the agri-world of Harvest. No spartans involved at all, but it is a very sad and epic story. The brute in Halo 2 with the awesome hammer, remember him? The dude you fight in one of the last levels. He is there. (and a lot younger) Part of the plot is his rise to chief brute during the conflict. (murdurs the current chief, which is actually his dad) Captain Keys is also a part of this one if I remember correctly, and is much younger. Add to the list of guys from sequels sgt. whatsisname, the black guy… I think it starts with a J… He was there too, he’s the main charector, and you would probably spend most of your time playing him or one of his crew. (unless that was from Reach… It’s been a while since I read them lol) Whole story ends with the close escape of most UNSC forces as the planet is glassed from orbit by Covenant warships.
  2. Ghosts of Onyx
    Actually the book that inspired my name. Ghosts of Onyx is about the Spartan III program (Who knows what happened to Spartan I, the Master Chief and co. are Spartan II and the Spartan III was initiated because humanity was losing the war, and needed more supersoldiers.) and is set on the planet Onyx, which was found to be inhabitable without the need for terraforming. Turns out this whole planet was built (yes, built, they’re not limited to giant rings) by the Forrunners, and there are miles of ancient ruins buried beneath the surface. This was discovered long before the war, and classified top secret, so no one really knows about this place. Anyway, they didn’t even tell the Spartan IIIs (who have their training facilities on this planet) that this place was of Forrunner origin, so when a bunch of them break the rules and leave the compound during a training exercise, they stumble upon these masses of ruins that Dr. Halsey (started the spartan program, part of the Reach storyline) gets them to explore further. Eventually the Covenant find them there, and try to kill them all with minimal damage to the holy relics on the planet. They succeed in killing off all the Spartan IIIs except for a small group that escapes into the underground ruins with Dr. Halsey, and finds the portal to the Ark. Dr. Halsey and all the spartans but one get into the Ark, and the last one sets off a HAVOK tactical nuke after the Ark is sealed, and destroys much of the Covenant ground forces (not to mention himself) There is a really epic scene in this book where two of the prophets discover that humanity was the Forrunners, and then agree to keep this information from the rest of the world. Happens between Halo 2 and 3. Probably one of the best books I’ve ever read. (I favor this story)
  3. Come up with our own totally new story. Please don’t make me do this, because I love those two stories lol. It would be a shame not to use them.

As for the low poly marine, I tried a grunt, but failed utterly because I don’t actually own Halo, or an XBox, or any gaming device other then my computer. So, if you could scan some pictures out of the manual, or screenshot them or something, that would make my job much easier. I’ll see what I can find on google too.

LOT OF TYPING!!! so, until next time, SpiritOfOnyx

Why not look up pictures on google or something? You can get a lot more reference pictures that way.

I did and it worked alright, but some side and front views (approximate, not asking for anything perfect) would be nice

I have a grunt extracted and textured from Halo 3 that you could use as a reference if you want. I dont need it for MY halo game, so you can have it….Link Removed If you need any other models, I have just about every single model, so just PM me, and I will be happy to share…

EDIT: Forgot to say, it is set smooth.

@spartan jason: can i use it for my game? Credit will go to you :yes:

Spartan Jason, have the permission of the copyright holder to distribute the models and textures you linked to in your last post. If they were extracted from Halo 3, I take it you have permission from the publisher of that game.

@ Spartan: lol, that’s why I wish I had an XBox.
@ Richard: sigh So close (like 20 mins…) yet so far. No hate though, it’s your job.
No comments on the stories?? Are they really that bad?

Actually no, I dont have permission, so should I take it off even though it is only used as a reference?

EDIT: nvm, you took it off, lol.