Blender Has Already Beaten Maya


I mean I understand that it has become a common practice to be on a subscription based plan. But it’s going to be a long time before half of the industry, half, to be willing to use Blender. However, everyone has their preferences to make cgi. There will be loyalists for many reasons such as dependability, customer care, and a community dedicated to the program. Blender has the same things I mentioned before. I believe that based on skill and budget Maya and Blender can be top contenders in making CGI content. It will forever be a constant struggle to see who’s going to be on top.

Not there yet…


Correct, we still need to see the work on things like static overrides to be finished (which commercial app. users have taken for granted for over 20 years). Editmode modeling/deformation performance also needs to be made as speedy as working the camera.

Everything Nodes will also need to be completed before Blender can stand toe-to-toe with Maya on VFX, it’s impossible to do so otherwise if you can’t easily do even the ‘hello world’ of particle effects for beginners (fireworks).

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I heard C4D cant even do particles, let alone fireworks.

Love blender, but no blender plugin can match insydium xparticles for cinema 4d.

Also, you heard wrong, if I’m not mistaken there are several TP particle examples in C4D, but I wouldn’t know because I have xparticles.

Dude, thats a paid plugin. It’s exactly like saying “well Blender is on to me, on par with maya when it comes to rendering because i have the V-Ray for Blender paid plugin”. Well no it’s not because Blender is not doing that rendering, Chaos Group V-ray is doing it".
We are talking about what can a software do natively or is included for free as part of the software like Blenders add-ons which can be enabled at any time.

Seems a bit biased, might be true for small scale production environments though, once performance in editing/undo/grooming etc are addressed. It’s always better to stay inside as few packages as possible.

Keep in mind though, Maya is only a small part of many pipelines. VFX for example may be Maya based, but a just as important part of the pipeline is based on Houdini, Katana, Mari, Clarisse/Renderman etc. - whatever gets the job done most efficiently.

For Games it maybe retopo, baking, motion re-targeting and so on that’s vital, and relying on other softwares.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as happy as the next guy that Blender is getting some momentum, but it’d be unrealistic and unfair to the developers to expect it taking over well established industries and not expect the competition to react to it.

I don’t think the indie version is a cry for help, it’s certainly a no go not just for big companies but for most freelancers as well in the countries it has been made available. TBH, not sure who the target audience for that offer is.

Because it can be a little misleading, so to clarify:
In C4D there is native particle engine, no need for any addon, node based one as well. Also way more powerful then what is in blender right now.

Probably, if it is not already, blender is destined to be known by the vast mass of people. And in this, already now, blender beats everyone and is or will be “the standard as best known by all people” … as the Commodore 64 was in the 80s for computers.
No, yet blender is not yet capable of overcoming the big brothers in terms of tools and especially in more specific fields where some tasks are only dealt with by large companies that have vast work to do. And perhaps more than all the reasons, it is because the other softwares are tested by the productions of big projects … and therefore they have a solid proven production.

however the gab is destined to decrease.
probably blender is mature enough to start being adopted by the companies for bigger projects, and then help will come in patches, and tips that will improve this part.

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Watch prices for “the big boys” start dropping as Blender gets more powerful. IMO Blender is having an effect on the 3d market.

A couple of months ago AD was interviewing folks here at BA and wanting to know all about Blender, why/how it was being used, etc., and offering gift cards for the privilege. I doubt AD would do this if they weren’t concerned about losing market share to cheaper (or free) software.

The problem with those expensive programs is, their parent companies have to satisfy their shareholders, something that Blender will never have to worry about. When the market tanks, it has an affect on the pocketbooks of those shareholders, so they have to figure out ways to keep the money flowing in, even if it means laying off employees and/or raising subscription prices.

Blender will find little niches here and there with FX companies, indie developers, game companies, and even the big studios, simply because it’s viable and cheaper than other tools. Eventually, Blender will be dug in like a tick at more places than not.

Beat Maya? Doesn’t matter. Blender will be in as many places soon and no one will give a second thought as to which program is better as long as it gets the job done.


Like Android operating system?

What’s wrong with Blenders particle system? name one way that C4Ds native particle engine is way more powerful. Since you made the claim, it’s only fair that you tell.

Even mentioned before fireworks are just a few clicks there, you can find plenty of tutorials on how to do it.

Really not much can be achieved with the current blender particle system, it’s a fact. This is why it is being updated

Also, I am not sure why we need to have something better at all. Blender doesn’t have to prove anything, nor it has to be better than Maya or c4d, it is totaly fine as it is.

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Blender Has Already Beaten Maya…
but the process is going to take a few years… :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

C4d has 2 particle systems, one standard one for simple things and another one (thinking particles) which works with nodes.
Its ancient, but it does a lot of complex particle interaction you can’t do in Blender as of now.

Blender has the particle info node, and has 13 different force fields, even texture driven force field which i didn’t see in C4D. Surely they’re not all useless tools. Im a total noob with it and managed to do this interesting simulation. That was my first attempt at particle fx im sure ive only just scraped the surface of what’s possible.

Thinking particles is native, and it does fireworks

Is not a contest, I use Blender for modeling / UV that sucks / I don’t have in C4D, but I havent found someone who choose Blender because of its robust particle system against C4D. Fluids, yes, C4D dont have fluides. But, Blender fluids / smoke while its great to have them, are average at best.

C4D is a mograph specialized tool. Maya is a specialized tool for animation. 3dsmax, I dont know, but If you want to compare particle FX, do so against Houdini.

Last, C4D is not a program with X number of force fields, C4D allows you to use mograph cloner on particles,mograph tracer on particles, mograph fields on clones and particles and text and fractures or vertex maps, etc. I can create a text and separate each character with a mograph effector because all its tools kinda merge into each other and that’s why you can use Reaflow for C4D within a cloner object.

You dont see many examples of Thinking Particles for C4D because the thing is confusing and tedious to use, not because it isnt powerful.

Can Blender particles be used with an array modifier? I know Blender is great, and with Everything Nodes will be greater, but come on… dont be naive to compare a basic particle system from program A with confusing particle system from program B.

I actually watched one of their latest marketing hype videos on youtube demonstrating all the particle mograph stuff, so im inclined to believe you, i just wanted to make sure you weren’t just being bias and saying things only based on marketing hype. Because some people just write off Blender for certain tasks they’ve even properly tried it. At least we have identified an area that needs an overhaul in Blender.

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