Blender Has Already Beaten Maya

Oh my.
Guys, this is not a competition.

Just do your best work, using either of them.

This sort of thread is so childish I can’t help but cringe.


Well, we’re pretty biased towards Blender :slight_smile: Still, the best software is the software you know.


I know Maya is better in a lot of areas, but Blender is improving at a good pace and it’s an excellent choice for those of us who’d rather not spend any money if we don’t have to That is especially if Maya usage would mean paying by the month forever or until Autodesk goes bankrupt, whichever comes first.

That said Bugzilla has developed a reputation for sharing controversial opinions in video form, this one for instance is really threatening to stir the pot in CGSociety as he shared there too.


I would like to see tools built into Blender that actually measure useful metrics. Any arguments, for example modal vs object based or destructive vs non-destructive, right-click vs left-click (sorry, just saying) workflows, about efficiency are moot without objective evidence ignoring legacy habituation and preference. I am concerned about the physical effects on my eyesight and body. The flexibility and adaptability constraints of the UI are more than apparent now that I prefer working on my tablet PC, on a comfortable chair in front of my big screen TV using just stylus and touch. Apparently the frequent change of focus will reduce the stress on my eyes and mitigate the damage already done focusing for hours at a fixed distance on my monitor and will help with my carpel tunnel damage caused by years and years of pushing a mouse. Thanks Adobe…

here is a graph made by William a dev on the UI team, of course this is just a comparison, it’s clear they know what blender is capable of and what not.
while blender has evolved in the past 10 years and now in a great place to move forward but still has a long way to go.

this is the graph i made as a fun response which i believe is more achievable in the near future :slight_smile:
i think as blender users we should try to avoid these kind of agitating topics at least for now and focus more on following that blue arrow, each software has it’s place in the industry especially something like Maya which is heavily used in big productions since ages with pipelines built around it…etc, to take a small of portion of that space will need more time and hard work first but to assume that blender has already beaten it ,is a statement out of reality, "the blender users shouldn’t be fanboys " thread greatly applies here.

Blender 2.7 harder to use than Houdini! What planet are they on? or am i just a genius. I’ve heard it from the experts houdini is HARD to learn. Blender 2.7 was a definite medium easy of use maybe even Easy.

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i think it has more to do with UI/UX for new comers especially 2.7x had completely different ways with right click select as default,3d cursor on LMB, fake user system…etc while houdini is also hard to learn but is more in line with general user experience found in most 3d softwares.

Re: C4D vs Blender :smile:


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Oh trust me Houdini is hard, like hard.

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Autodesk did not earn any money since 2013 with his software.
There is all red since then.
That was the date blender has beaten maya.
Since then i did not recognized any further progress in max and maya.

I like your chart but i replaced Maya and 3DS Max with vray and mental ray, iray 3 years before completly with Blender 2.7.

For me 2.8 made additionally Substance Designer and Painter obsolete.

With Houdini, Blender , Unity or Unreal and Nuke you have a good toolset.

Common in these are Node based workflows.
Think when everything nodes in Blender are productive next level will be reached.

Where do you people dream up this nonsense?

  • Autodesk revenue for the quarter ending April 30, 2019 was $0.736B , a 31.36% increase year-over-year.
  • Autodesk revenue for the twelve months ending April 30, 2019 was $2.745B , a 28.84% increase year-over-year.
  • Autodesk annual revenue for 2019 was $2.57B , a 24.95% increase from 2018.
  • Autodesk annual revenue for 2018 was $2.057B , a 1.26% increase from 2017.
  • Autodesk annual revenue for 2017 was $2.031B , a 18.89% decline from 2016.

More nonsense. Have you ever used Maya or Max in the last 6 years? Both have had a lot of improvements.

The whole premise of this thread is ridiculous. Beat Maya at what?
2.80 is a really enjoyable experience for me in the last few months since I started learning it, but as a long-time Max and Maya user I think there are too many overexcited Blender users who simply do not have any experience working in a professional pipeline. 2.80 still has a ways to go before it is on the same production heavy level as Max/Maya. That is simply a fact. Max/Maya are deeply entrenched in the industry for 2 decades and entire pipelines and studios are built on the back of that. That’s not something that’s going to change overnight or any time soon.

Yes, I will be using Blender happily into the foreseeable future. It most definitely has a place in my workflow and a little place in my heart, but is it fully production-ready in its current state? No.

The viewport and animation performance is dreadful under any real-world production based stress. This is a massive red flag and it doesn’t seem(from what I can gather) to be a priority for the devs.

Cycles is nice, but doesn’t hold a candle to Arnold.

There is so much to love about 2.80, but let’s not get too carried away. There is undoubtedly a bright future within the industry for this program, but 2.80 is barely out of beta and has another few years(hopefully 1 at most) of development before people start discounting Max/Maya and certainly don’t hold your breath for multi-million $$$ productions to throw out their Adesk pipelines just yet…


Priorities that don’t seem to make sense at times is normal in the land of FOSS, but I’m hoping that 2.8, the large core team that it enabled, and the overhauled management focused on development quality starts to end that.

The BF will have to place performance on a higher pedestal if they want to protect their much larger revenue stream. Otherwise, if 2.8x is still massively slow (with no major progress) in those areas by SIGGRAPH 2020, Ton may as well go to the Autodesk booth and apologize for the things he said about the company in the past.


I suspect that on the performance problem of blender considering that it is the topic of the moment, seeing that “this problem” is being attacked on several fronts, both by the users, who digging the reasons for this performance gap, and by the developers who are starting to create solutions … very soon, in a month or two we will see some interesting exciting news.

for the rest I agree with you … blender needs little by little to get into the rhythms of the big companies, and layer by layer with more challenging projects, and that these begin to collaborate with code, fund, ideas, tips and bug fixing …

I think the BF is in a much better position to tackle the difficult, but needed development projects (such as performance) going forward. They have what they need now to put a stop to the revolving door that can significantly retard the progress of a FOSS program or even stop it altogether (ie. devs. coming in and then leaving).

Those who used Blender’s sculpt module know very well how the revolving door works and its negative impact.

Note, I apparently found a banned word, so posting again.

I think the BF is in a much better position to tackle the difficult, but needed development projects (such as performance) going forward. They have what they need now to put a stop to the revolving door that can significantly slow the progress of a FOSS program or even stop it altogether (ie. devs. coming in and then leaving).

Those who used Blender’s sculpt module know very well how the revolving door works and its negative impact.

I’m a little confused, what was wrong with your post?

I used the term r-e-t-a-r-d in the context of something crippling the progress in a application’s development (even though it was not used as the derogatory term it can be when aimed at a person).

I really like how profanity in this forum has nosedived since the move to Discourse, but I overall have mixed feelings about the ‘babysitter’ features.

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Studies have shown profanity reduces stress, manages pain and improves productivity. Apparently if you cuss profusely, which I enjoy, you can keep your foot immersed in a bucket of ice water for longer. (The cussing, not the ice bucket thing.) Go figure. I lurk on forums and news aggregator sites and read the comments for entertainment, although I have been reduced to lurking here because of the growing levels of insane toxicity and cognitive dissonance, so I’m in two minds about the fascist moderation*.

*Please note that this is a lame attempt at sarcastic humour alluding to said toxic bi-partisan posts of said sites, and not a personal attack on this site, but is meant to be an entertaining way to highlight the point made I am replying to and puts me, in my mind, in the company of great English writers like Shakespeare, who loved the same kind of humour…

Wow. There are so many good comments here. I cannot keep up with the volume, but it was exactly this kind of dialog I was hoping my videos would open up. very good community here.