Blender is a Crap!!!(Sure, it isnt :-D)

Yeah, it isnt, for sure, but read this, what happenned to me yesterday.

After 10th attempt to make a hair particles for grass,(because of blender crashes and blender was lagging for about 7fps - lots of particles) i saved the work, I converted it to meshes(via modifiers)-it took for 10 minutes, so I decided to join them to a one mesh, so CTRl+J - I was painting about 2 minutes to only show little mindow with question “Join this meshes?” SO I selected “YES” after 15 minutes of converting them, I startedd to render via yafaray, it took about 5 minutes to initialize, but what happened?? CRASH. So I loaded las save (saved before joining them) but loading that blend file took about 10minutes ,it wriitten “Blender Error:see console” there was(in that console) plane 9700-plane9999 was not found, I ignored it and attemped to join them again, After 15 minutes of waiting for joining, the SHIT was joined, nothing happended, so I decided to render them without joining them, so I hitted that biig button named “RENDER”, Scene was rendered fully excepting grass, so final result of 10hours of creating particles (i finished at 22:30) was “NO RESULT”, I almost demolished my keyboard, my mom was aggravate coz I had heebie-jebbies fuked out… Fck,Fck,Fck,Fck,Fck

well sorry about that but that’s what happens, if you have no clue what you’re doing …

did you knew about “child particles” or “display percentage” or even “layers” ?

If you really did make 9999 planes without naming them properly, your workflow is probably crap.

frigge yes, I am using layers, percentage show,too but child particles no

Stukfruit: Blender created that planes from that particles while convering them, to meshes

maybe its a memory thing as in you are running out of it

wtf what this have with blender or cgi in general news?

well if you used that properly blender wouldn’t lag. If you only worked with 1000 particles, instead of 10000, gave them 10 child particles, put the display percentage to 50% and separated the particle system into two on two different layers, you computer would only have to deal with 250 particles in the viewport and you would have had the same amount of particles altogether and blender would run fast as lightning even on a 10 years old system

we need new features

Go code them, then!

Maybe blender should have a sticker like that since it doesn’t tell you that something was a bad idea. Your settings might actually work if you have a properly designed supercomputer.

To understand that Endi entity, please read:

You could have posted your system specs, the blender version you used, etc.


It doesnt matter of lgging, but that f*cking crashes and waitings :ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::spin::spin::spin::ba::ba::ba::ba::no::no::no::no:

Endi, you says, I am a troll??

yokozuna404 maybe you should calm down, take a power nap and read this thread again …

I dont understand some replys - iam no so good in english

AHaaa, i finally understand, sorry endi :wink:


Endi is the inner equilibrium of this forum. :smiley:

He always means that "I am a professional Blender user and I never need new features to reach professional looking CG results. He also means that “Some people always want new features, but they never try to do something serious with Blender.”

Tell me please, Is Endi right or wrong related to your recent post? :slight_smile:

? then why are you here if you cant even understand us?

Demohero. I say: “If blender crashes, YOU WILL NEVER SAVE ANYTHING FROM YOUR BLEND!!!” - no everytime you are on culpa
In this thread, I wanted to say," yesterday I was very angry to a blender because of crashing" nothing more

Well Blender does crash, it happens to professional 3D packages as well.

And you should consider the power of your computer before making anything that big. If you have a bad computer, creating and rendering 10,000 particles out in Yafaray is probably not the best option.

There are a number of ways to do it differently without using as much computer power. For example you could have made some patches of grass and then instanced them with a particle system. Then you don’t even need 1/3 of the particle count you used.