Blender Launcher [Standalone Software Client]

Thanks for the amazing work on this. Having the ability to jump between versions of Blender quickly and easily is really helpful.

I’d like to suggest a feature. We occasionally use the Oculus version of Blender for testing purposes. I’d like to be able to launch the Oculus version from the Blender Launcher. Right now, we have to navigate to the Blender Launcher folder and run the CMD to get the VR version to work. It would be nice to have that option for either the Custom build or as a tick-mark that can be enabled on an as-needed basis.

Thanks again!

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Hi! Thanks!

If I’m following it right, you want to show up custom build from “building folder” in BL?
If that the case, you can simply create symlink to your custom build folder (with blender.exe file) inside custom folder and it will work as a regular build.

Hi! Thanks for the suggestion! I’m not sure that’s the option I’m looking for. Here’s a picture of what I’m looking for.


This is the 2.91.2 version of Blender in the Blender Launcher folder. If I were to launch 2.91.2 from the BL, it would run the blender.exe file in this folder.

However in this same folder, there’s a file called “blender_oculus.cmd” that will launch Blender with the VR mode enabled.

What I want the BL to do is give me an option to run this “blender_oculus.cmd” file.

Thanks again for your work and consideration!



Actually, you can ignore this. I thought you had to run the CMD file to get Blender to work in VR mode, but that’s actually not the case. If you’ve got the VR toolset enabled, you can just start the VR session with a normal instance of Blender. Sorry for the weird request and thanks for your continued work on the Blender Launcher!

No worries! Have a good time blending :yum:

I want to record the teaching, but because I have used Blender Launcher, I can’t see the scene like choosing the path at the beginning.
I think I need to know how to cleanly remove the launcher record (set value) from the system

You can simply rename or remove existing library folder so on next launch BL will ask for a new one.

Hi, is it possible to add a download rate feature, few times where progress bar will just sit there and can’t tell if it’s downloading slowly or hung etc.


:hammer_and_wrench: Corrective release with fixes for major issues from previous version │ Blender Launcher 1.11.0 :hammer_and_wrench:

Follow Installation and Update instructions on Documentation site.
Please, read about how to report a bug before creating an issue.

Release Notes


  • Fix release candidate title conversion to RC [unreported]
  • Custom page reload feature forces to draw all builds which leads to duplicates [unreported]
  • Fix crashing - library drawer and observer threads [unreported]
  • Fix alignment with ‘RC’ and ‘Alpha’ subversion labels #56


  • Add animated icons to get back visualization of download and extract processes


  • Move dialog creation into separate class, disable custom icons and set view to list by default

:heart: Thanks and have a nice day!