Blender not working well on Surface Pro 7

Ive just bought the latest Surface Pro 7 i7-16GB -256GB with Intel iris g7 iGpu.

Blender does run, but its very jerky on viewport navigation and modelling,
I am guessing that this iGPU isnt supported yet?

Is there anything I can do to make the performance better?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



I have the exakt same issue. I have the same hardware aswell.

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Very interesting topic. Earlier this year I bought a Surface Pro 6 and the first thing I did was load Blender 2.8 Beta and discovered that Eevee was not working at all. So I immediately returned the tablet and got a Surface Book 2 with i7 GTX 1050 graphics which really runs Blender like a champ.

I still want to get the Surface Pro 7 i5 with Iris Plus graphics but upon reading this thread, I’m doubtful I would. I hope either Intel fixes the integrated graphics or that Blender devs improve the code to allow those cards to run the full program.

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Just to elaborate on that, I am also running Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush, Mudbox and photoshop…
All of them work fine as long as they are changed to Direct X in the graphics settings.

Have you tried launching blender through blender_debug_gpu_glitchworkaround.cmd?

I have tried running the blender_debug_gpu_glitchworkaround.cmd it doesent do anything. Blender 2.79 works fine. This issue is with the intel iris drivers and blender opengl. Too bad ill keep my surface as i like the device but for my lessons ill have too use blender 2.79 for now wish is a bummer. It doesent seam that blender is aware of this ive tried the blender version 2.82 beta and it behaves the same…

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I had buy a new Suface pro7 too. The same issue.

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I have the same issue as well. The device did everything I wanted perfectly, but not Blender sadly :pensive:

@rakurri @crazyjn @jojomondag @mzone3d

Since this is likely caused by buggy intel drivers, maybe consider creating a topic on their forums and together post in there.


Good initiative Felix did you already create a post wish i can reply in? i believe there is many more users affected by this I have seen reports of mac computers using iris graphics that experience this as well. Also the surface book 3 uses the same CPU as the surface pro 7 so they should experience this as well, would be good if somebody with a surface book 3 would confirm this. I believe as you Felix this is something that may take time to resolve even if we get together to raise attention so we should definitely do as you proposed!


Even if Blender worked in integrated Intel GPU, keep in mind it’s not really a proper GPU. So you will hardly be able to put blender to any good use on it. Even the cheapest dedicated laptop GPUs like GeForce MX250 are miles in front of the best intel dedicated GPU performance and compatibility wise.

You have a point rawa that a dedicated graphics card is faster, but you pointing out this doesn’t help us. I for an instance is working as a teacher, high portability while driving train back and forth to my jobb is important, thats why i choose this device! and i would like too be able too record simple modelling tasks for my students in CAD wich i could do my surface pro 4 i5. The graphics in my new surface pro i 7 is plenty! i mean i can play demanding games on this machine, the hardware is there now. The issue is buying a new product that is not compatible with a software you expect compatibility from experience from a previous product in the same serie of products.

Well, I have a laptop with HD4000 graphics but I don’t have one with the same CPU/GPU as you guy’s. I think one of you should make the topic.

The iris pro is probably one of the best ones with the eDRAM cache and all. And since HD3000 they have been fairly modern GPU’s in terms of architecture. Problem has always been the drivers. Especially the OpenGL driver.

Intels real issue is they tend to only support their product for a few years, then focus their support towards the newest products. The thought that some people might continue to use a product for years and years, or even a decade or two completely escapes them. Just push and sell the next great thing™.

Somewhat better on linux side though since the driver is opensource and others can contribute there.

Thx again for the link Felix i have posted a question on their forum now.

For the ones that whant too follow the progress.



If there is no entry in the Blender bug tracker, submitting a report would likely be a good idea too. The developers have quite good contacts to Intel as far as I know. Might be worth a try.

I dont know about this big tracker i have not used is, how do i use it?

Everything is explained here:

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Im in contact with intel and have supported them with my hardware speccs and info, i will see what i can do with the bug report and contacting Microsoft but i havent been able too yet but i will come to that later. I have filmed a video about this issue, on the link bellow for other people experienceing the same issue.

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Ah, shame it’s flawed. The device is so gorgeous, and they somehow reduced pen latency to almost zero. I was just testing it at a local store and was totally surprised how good it works.
I’ve been using blender on intel gpu’s since 2012, starting with a Macbook Air and HD4000. With discipline and optimizations I was happily delivering rendered illustrations of scenes between 0,5 and 3 million polys. The hardware is not stellar but capable enough for artistic output.
During bcon 19 I remember standing with three nice guys from Intel and Sergey at a table. So yes, the connection is good I guess :slight_smile: Hope such annoyances can be fixed quickly. If Blender runs well enough on nvidia hardware only one could start to question the “creative freedom” claim :wink:

Is this an issue with the pen or a regular mouse?