⚠ Blender NPR guru LightBWK needs our help, help him avoid becoming homeless

I don’t know what “NPR community” is but if you work on some open source project it’s usually something you volunteer to do. Some people get paid, when they are arrogant enough to ask money even they are probably working on some existing project with a long development history. I don’t see why giving something to community should make other people feel like they have to give something back, like money in this case.

So keep your money, it’s as simple as that.

I frankly cannot for the life of me understand why you would want to spam this thread just to tell people you don’t want to support a respected Blender contributor who needs assistance.

TL;DR? Go away, please.


I think the matter is different: I don’t feel like I should donate because the guy contributed. I simply could know, thanks to Bart, that there is one person in need. I could know that there’s an easy way for contributing. I balanced the risk and the possible benefits and considered which kind of urgence there could be, then - based on the data I had - I made my choice.
That’s it, as for myself. What about you? Are you still thinking that you are smart because you saved some dollars? What will you buy, better than what we all together bought here?


I have worked on this book just today. It is NOT FINISHED yet.
Donors’ names are written in Gregg shorthand alongside longhand translations.
Feel free to criticise the book. I need honest criticism. Thanks in advance.

In donations, it is US £100 for names in animation and $50 for large stills. Others will be in smaller prints.


This is not about “giving back.”
It is about helping someone who’s asked for help. Humanity for starters.

I’m sure there are plenty of communities thriving on philosophies like your’s waiting out there … so why don’t you just move over …?


I don’t know what “NPR community” is

Maybe that was the first sign you don’t need to contribute to this particular thread. Everyone donating understands who this is, and what they bring to the community. Even Ton Roosendaal has donated to this cause, and if we go by your previous post you are basically calling him naive. For you to call BWK arrogant for asking for help, when you don’t even know who he is, doesn’t make you look good.

We save so much money using blender instead of other paid 3D software, I want to put that money back into the community. I’m sorry you can’t feel the same way.


I still think money is a weird way to “balance” open source projects and contributions to them, but then again Blender is not (a typical) open source, it’s more like a crowdfunded project. It’s almost like a commercial product in disguise, but without user support.

You left Blender NPR community of your own accord. I don’t know your issues with Light Bwk and I have not been active too active in BNPR either. Whatever your issues with him, I hope you can be forgiving toward him and put all differences aside. I hope you have a good day.


@xwst enough. You have posted enough poison about LightBWK here and we even suspended you for a week for it. I don’t want to see you on this topic again.


Guys, I made two brand-new scrapbooks.
Nodes 2.7x Cookbook.
Nodes 2.8 Cookbook


Let’s keep this rolling, folks, even if you can only afford a few bucks!

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