Blender on OSX 10.6

Not sure whether to install OSX 10.6 when it arrives.
Any one know yet if blender works on OSX 10.6, or will we need special builds?



I really hope there’s an OSX Blender 2.5 developer out there who’ll help utilize the 64-bit and GCD, or Cuda stuff. Would be ace, as for Blender running on 10.6? I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine, since the OS hasn’t changed much at all, and nearly all other apps are running fine.

We need a guineapig!!!

P.S. I’m chickening out at the moment, got Snow Leopard sitting next to me, but I have to finish a project by next friday and I can’t have any hiccups in this late stage. clucks away

I just installed it about three hours ago :smiley: no problem with the normal 2.49a and the 2.5 builds so far. SL works just fine with all my application beside that my printer dosnt work anymore. :confused:

Notice and speed differences?

Not on blender, but i didnt made any benchmarks yet. But the whole OS seems to be quicker. Everything reacts abit faster. It’s nice so far.







You need to download and install them seperately :wink:

you can download them seperately but there’s no need for it, snow leopard download them over software update if you connect a new printer. But i get the message that my model isnt currently supportet but will be in near feature. Even the HP driver you’ve listed dosnt work when you install them seperately. :confused: Well, it’s just day one of snow leopard.

[QUOTE=]We need a guineapig!!!

P.S. I’m chickening out at the moment, got Snow Leopard sitting next to me, but I have to finish a project by next friday and I can’t have any hiccups in this late stage. clucks away[/QUOTE]

I’d say your smart. I don’t have any deadlines atm, so I installed snow leopard.
And so far, so good. Be prepared for a long install time though - it took about 1 hour to install, and right after that it was 75 minutes for Finder to re-index. My computer is an intel model, 2.0 gHz desktop. It has 4 GB of ram - although, like Stenosis, I find everything to be a bit snappier.

I received about a 20% increase across the board:) Yes I am very happy indeed. And it doesn’t seem to have broken anything Blender related.

How about the Intel GMA OpenGL drivers? In Leopard, those killed my poor blender app so many times.

just upgraded to SL, and i have to say that i do regret it. there is so heavy flickering in the blender UI that it is not very pleasant to work. I have MBP, 2.4GHz, 8600GT.
Everything else works just fine, and yes, it feels snappier, and i also got 15GB more diskspace.
But the flickering in Blender is a real problem. Although that is just in 2.49b, 2.5 doesn’t have this problem.

Hey Sebastian, I myself just installed SL today, downloaded 2.49b after and everything is fine. same specs as your mbp, mines not one of the unibody ones though. might be older.

what way did you install? i was upgrading from tiger so i decided to clean install (erase my hard disk) but I had my tiger HD cloned on my external hard disk just incase.

Not sure if this helps you in anyway, a clean install can be messy (pardon the pun) putting everything you need back on.

Oh and i installed rosetta aswell, you have to custimize the install to get rosetta. (which is what runs PPC apps, even though it shouldnt be needed, I did it, just to compare our installs)

Also I could just be lucky, i had heard ableton live (a music package) was causing trouble for a lot of folks but it worked fine for me.

Anyway, i hope you get it sorted.

i was gonna ask the same question… although it doesn’t matter as much now because i already sold my macbook thanks to this bug…

hey tobin, thanks for the reply!
i don’t have a unibody as well. i just upgraded from leopard, no clean install. didn’t install rosetta though. it is very weird, sometimes it works just fine, sometimes i have this flickering on the borders of the windows and also on some of the buttons. also the performance with GLSL-materials is worse than before.
it is probably just crappy apple drivers again. i just hope they fix that soon! i heard that 10.6.1 is just around the corner with already some graphic-updates, so maybe there is hope.

but, it is not that bad - i mean, i can work fine, but for video-tutorials it might be bit annoying. well, sometimes the flickering just goes away when i change 3d-window to a different window-type. so, i guess i can live with that. because other than that SL is a real joy to use.

You did your start on 32 bits right? And have you checked if your GC is on the compatibility list? Your flickers really look like a GC weakness…
Hope you’ll find a way.
Yet, it helps to always keep a clone of the ancient OS to reboot upon it when such cases appear.

I’m personally having heaps of issues with the python on SL. It’s not actually reporting errors, but it seems to be struggling with out-by-one issues (only occasionally and only on the 10.6), and the odd button that do nothing more than ‘over+right click = goto scene’ are failing. I’m guessing its something to do with the python distribution it came with but I’ll figure that out for sure as soon as I can sucessfully package an older framework with my application.

I should add that my code has been tested and works fine on 10.4, 10.5, XP, Vista (several flavours).

inazuma already made a 64bit 10.6 build of 2.5 ,

If you read this inazuma, please make a snow leopard build in xcode for 2.49
I installed xcode today gonna have a look see if I can compile a blender 2.49 myself otherwise ^^

Dude, I don’t believe it’s 64 bit. Blender still cannot compile in 64 bit on the Mac, though MrRage is working on it, here

It works! I’ve got one of the white macbooks with the intel graphics. Blender was unrunnable under 10.5, but now seems to work perfectly (2+ hours with no problems)! I’m confident enough I removed my ubuntu partition.

Now that’s snappy!

Game engine as well?