Blender-osm: OpenStreetMap and terrain for Blender

Import of very large terrain areas is possible now in blender-osm! The whole terrain of Switzerland is imported in the screenshot below. Get the new version using your purchase/download confirmation e-mail!


Use the reduction ratio in the terrain panel for the large areas to reduce the vertex number for the imported terrain:

That was made possible thanks to the contribution from our customer Allain. He publishes wonderful educational videos made with Blender in his Youtube channel. He used blender-osm addon to create his latest video about the physics of tides:

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See your GPX hiking tracks in Blender with the blender-osm addon!

Import of GPX files is available in the latest version of the addon. Get it using the link your purchase/download confirmation e-mail or download the addon for free at Gumroad. Import the terrain and satellite imagery first. Then import GPX track.



@ vvoovv

Is there way to override terrain import source?

To use higher resolution terrain mesh.

At moment accuracy doesn’t seem to very high for terrain. Is the source for terrain open street map? It seems to be 30 meter accuracy.

BTW fantastic plugin.

Hi @SquareRoot,

That the only public domain terrain dataset with world wide coverage.

Hello ! I’ve just purchased the premium version. It looks awesome,you’ve done a very hard work. After all these months, is it finally possible to export buildings with textures or is it still under development ?

Thank you for your time and patience!

Hi @3D_Fan_Made_Movies,

Thank you for purchasing the premium version!

Export of textures will be available for testing later this week. I’ll contact you via a private message.


Just small suggestion.

Is it possible when selecting rectangle.

We can manually enter dimensions of rectangle.

That way you can control the actual size and make it perfect square selection X and Y direction.

Makes working with images much easier.

@SquareRoot ,
Sorry for the delay with the reply.
A short Python script can be created for your case.
Script input: latitude and logitude of the center of the rectangle, dimensions of the rectangle
Script output: a string with coordinates of the rectangle that can be copied and pasted to the blender-osm addon.

A highly requested option is available in the latest version of the Blender-OSM addon!

It’s now possible to set the maximum size of the resulting image for the satellite imagery to increase its resolution. The option is located in the Overlay section.