Blender QMM (Quick Metal Materials) - Free Addon

Blender QMM is a free Blender 3.00+ add-on that installs a panel named Quick Metal Materials into 3D Viewport > Sidebar > MAT.

Select an object in your view, and click a button to assign that material to it.

Blender QMM

Quick Metal Materials

Blender Quick Material Colors


Blender Materials

Chaos Metals, Dark Money Metals, Glass Shaders, Matlib VX, & Tutorials


Great, thanks for sharing.
maybe it will inspire : (Free, Blender 2.80)

I grabbed your addon long ago, but just gave it another look – Paper and Skin are particularly nice!

Adding and removing nodes from the selected material is a very cool approach. The thumbnail feature also impresses me. I can definitely learn some Python tricks from your code!

I am not the author of the plugin .
(“author”: “Wolf & Nathan Craddock”)
I just suggested for your addon.

Hi, will it work on 2.83 or 2.91 ?

Edit - works fine with 2.83

@don1138 useful share :+1:

Ah, thanks. If you run into Wolf & Nathan Craddock, give them my regards! :+1:

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Thanks for testing it! I’ll change the Blender Version in the next release.

Speaking of, I’m open to suggestions for future releases.

For example, I’m planning on removing the Alert Popover that says the material already exists, as it’s not really necessary.

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QMM Updated to v.0.0.3

Nothing major, just tweaks to the UI. The metals are now in show/hide sub-panels, and the sidebar category has been renamed to QMM.

QMM Updated to v.0.0.4

  • New Materials:
    • Pale Gold Metallic
    • Pale Silver Metallic
    • Rubber Cutting Mat

I also resolved a naming conflict with other shader addons. ( I wonder how many of us gave our gold shader the same shader.gold_operator idname? :thinking: :nerd_face: )

QMM Updated to v.1.0.0

  • Added CG Cookie’s Addon Updater system
  • Corrected version numbering system
  • Misc. code cleanup
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QMM Updated to v.1.1.1

  • New Material: Tinted Plaster
  • Added Tooltips to buttons
  • Set IOR value on all Principled BDSF nodes
  • Added “IOR” label to Value node on chain connected to Principled BSDF Specular input

QMM Updated to 1.2.0

  • New Materials:
    • Chrome
    • Lead
    • Lead Rough
  • Split Base Metals & Alloys into 2 sub-menus
  • Set Metallic and Roughness on Viewport Display
  • Misc. Code Cleanup
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New Complementary Add-ons

Since Blender doesn’t have a Saved Colors option – at least as far as I know :woman_shrugging:t4: – I made a pair of add-ons as a way to quickly access my favorite colors.

I don’t plan on expanding these the way I do QMM, so rather than give them their own thread, I’ll post them here.

They do one simple thing: Assign a custom color to a Principled BSDF’s base color.

Blender PCOY (Pantone Color of the Year)

PCOY creates a Panel named Pantone Color of the Year under 3D Viewport > Sidebar > PCOY.

The colors are sourced from the Pantone website, which is worth checking out for their suggestions of other colors that pair well with these primaries.

I’ve also included a batch of “Extra” colors that are either community reactions to the official PCOY selections, or non-PCOY specialty Pantone selections of note.

Blender MCMC (Mid-Century Modern Colors)

MCMC creates a Panel named Mid-Century Modern Colors under 3D Viewport > Sidebar > MCMC.

The colors are sourced from an article on called 7 Paint Colors That Nail the Midcentury Modern Look.

Note - These are two individual add-ons, so they need to be installed as two individual files.

They are both available from the same repo:


blender-pcoy is not loading. I didn’t see an in the folder, may be the reason.

Thanks for all!

PMOY and MCMC are individual addons, so you need to install them individually.

Best bet for download is to grab the latest ZIPs from Releases.

Cool, got it!
Thanks a ga-zillion!

Related: 979 Additional Materials

I’ve posted to Github a buttload of useful materials I’ve created or collected from various sources.

I want to emphasize that none of these are my IP, but all samples are cleared, so use them however you like. Go nuts, show nuts.

This repo contains:

Dark Money Metals

47 Materials - I created these Blender materials based on specs provided by Jarrod Hasenjäger’s Material Studies: Metals. (Please feel free to comment on, or even fork and improve any of these.)

Glass Shaders

32 Materials - Harvested from tutorials and sample files, attributed in the Material names.

Matlib VX

908 Materials - A port of the Materials Library files that shipped with the Blender 2.7.2-compatible version of the add-on, but which are missing from the version that ships with current Blender.


Nice set, really handy!
Thanks for sharing your work.

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PCOY & MCMC Updated to 0.3.0

  • UILayout updated
  • Added Custom Icons of color chips
  • PCOY Renaming updated. Year no longer added to Material name

Get the latest ZIPs from Releases.


QMM Updated to 1.2.2


  • Added links to Additional Resources to preferences panel


  • UILayout tweaks to QMM panel
  • UILayout tweaks to Additional Resources in preferences panel