Blender & Redshift Integration

I’ve been a Redshift user for 2 years with C4D and I can most certainly confirm they are working on it and have been for a while. The devs have spoken on numerous occasions about progress and it’s much further along than people think. There’s just the issue of getting the IPR feedback better before they’re going to offer an Alpha preview.

Blender maybe changing quickly but so is Redshift and the transition to Redshift 3.0 has been much longer than anyone expected. Maxon acquired Redshift which also caused delays to development.

Personally I’m more interested in the Hybrid rendering modes of Prorender than Redshift as I think they have the potential to be as game changing as Eevee and the high quality mode offer similar image quality and speed to Redshift but for free.

While the Redshift devs have spoken about Metal for Mac only CUDA is supported on PC so AMD GPUs are still out of luck. They’ve spoken about Vulkan compute but it sounds like they’re only just beginning to look at researching it.

Looks like my belief is gone with the wind… :slight_smile:
And I too have a similar feeling about RPR. Especially since it’s H/W agnostic, dev. already working on supporting USD. Also, Vulkan allows multi-GPU support.

The best thing about Redshift is the speed but I don’t rate the image quality as high, you really need to make complex shader networks to get really nice renders. To get the speed they make compromises in image quality, mostly they’re well hidden but sometimes these compromises show up in your renders like weird image texture aliasing.

The Redshift devs always underestimate how long a feature is going to take to finish, if they give a date it’s best policy to add 6 months to a year and you won’t be disappointed. We were promised Toon Shading over a year ago and it has yet to arrive.

I’ve always like ProRender’s image quality but it’s speed leaves a lot to be desired. I hope the High quality Hybrid RPR mode will be a good balance of image quality and speed for rendering. I’m sure I’d use it a lot.