Blender, the year 2030 a Story of Science Fiction (almost)

In this year, 2030, the world obviously changed radically and rapidly, thanks to the obvious rapidity of the technological progress.

The old systems on how society was structured have obviously become obsolete and no longer worked… They were based on competition and on scarcity that created value and this was in high conflict with automation, IT progress, internet, intelligence artificial and the creation in the abundance of everything that was needed for survival and well-being is every single person.

At a certain point, around 2023 the governments of the world decided to definitively complete the old systems, also because we were destroying the world for futile and senseless things …

Thus two worlds were created: One Online and One Offline, Totally connected to each other through Augmented Reality.

The offline world was almost entirely based on local life, the Goods and Tools we needed were built and processed locally, made some exceptions when it was cheaper to do so. The recycling of raw materials became crucial, the concept of trash and waste was banned forever, everything was recycled into raw materials.

The pollution laws have also become very severe, since the technologies and alternative materials allowed the same results to minimum pollution.

Even classical monetary systems were abandoned, in their place emerged automated systems of “reputation” of the Citizens.
Copyright and the classic Intellectual Property, with the internet and the system of the shares and all its advantages, were not banned … but they died alone, because the traditional monetary system became obsolete too …
But in a sense they became a sort of new “monetary” system with the “reputation” mechanism.

It was discovered that collaborating was better than competing they all earned us, as everyone had more or less the same basic needs … In the processing of land, in the maintenance of cities, in the processing of raw materials necessary for the most varied uses, also because the evolution of machines and technologies had made everything less tiring … and working was a way not to get bored, we followed the dreams and passions, as we did not work anymore for survival … but for personal and collective evolution.

Actually, in large part except exceptional cases, nowadays most only raw materials traveled between the various places and continents, even the obvious people were traveling, but only when really strictly necessary and almost never to work …
And there’s a reason for this, and it’s the Virtual World, a modern internet, which is now a digital copy of the Real World and also something more, where everything inside the human mind could conceive. The people, who were long distance, met and collaborated with each other in this place, which was virtually physical in all espects, even in sense of touch, the smell and of course in the visualization, through special simulation rooms that could simulate almost all the physical world …

At the center between these two worlds there was an application that evolved faster than the others by its very nature … it was called Blender, it was an application that had now incorporated all the tools of graphic and design processing, and actually this tool was used to do everything, from the construction and design in collaboration of the objects that then served in the physical world to the elaboration and creation of entire virtual cities …

Now there were only servers, clients and OS blender that was metaphor “the multipurpose knife” that everyone knew and everyone knew how to use.

This is the beginning of the year 2030 … now try some of you to continue the story …


then someone had the idea to bring back right click select and the planet imploded :smiley:


right click select is a special psychological sigil …:joy:

the future is starting… notes, so in 10 years I will come to read what was predicted
phase one: march - 20 - 2019
Google Stadia

if you put a computer in your brain people might be able to read your thoughts with a computer.

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yes … I agree with you …
But to observe everything on a deeper level, other people, “the world” is already able to shape you, plagiarize you and convince you … so maybe your thoughts are not read … but they already know your functioning archetypes and your own habits …

It may also make it possible for companies to replace your sweet and amazing dreams at night with hours of advertising. Not to mention your eyesight and hearing could shut off when you’re idle on the couch so an ad can be delivered. :scream_cat:

Mark Zuckerberg is also interested in brain-computer interfaces, can you imagine him mining your deepest and most personal thoughts as a money maker, or him injecting thoughts into your brain to give you a crushing desire to spend time on Facebook?

Thirdly, can you imagine a totalitarian state reading your every thought and being able to see what you are seeing, hear what you are hearing, and even smell what you are smelling? That would elevate thought crime to the most literal form possible.

Case in Neuromancer by William Gibson starts with a similar story … they screwed his brain …

then we will need to root the brainneuralink bootloader to throw all that shit out of our memory
:face_with_monocle: :scream: :grin:

as reminder…
November 2019. while Elon Musk promotes his Electric Tesla CyberTruck

40,000 jobs slashed from classic automotive industry since January 2019

we can say that we are entering the delicate phase of the transition … and 1 month is missing to 2020

I predict that Texas will declare war on California over water extraction rights, corporate lobbyists will enable this…

Probably they have already agreed

in Italy that was the realm of “artisanal and sports” cars … they did like Autodesk …
FIAT bought everything … and the rest of the sports car brands were bought by the Germans over 20 years ago, only that now they have remained with the match in hand and now they try to get rid of the workers as quickly as possible … it is Capitalism, to a certain historical phase begins to devour his own body.

In reality this world of automotive industry was kept alive artificially for 20 years or even more …
in Italy (the story I know best) has been kept alive by public incentives to buy new cars, with increasingly expensive insurance (obliged to make insurance otherwise you can’t use the car), and finally with excessive planned obsolescence, in 4 years the value of the cars it became a third of the initial cost, and made them “fall out of fashion” even before they broke …

And finally the price of the overexposed fuel … plus taxes …
in practice in the last 30 years the Italians have spent most of the time working to keep their cars …while the Italian car industry (but not just the car industry) was being disassembled … (Italy also was losing oil wells, with “the war” in Libya)

and the new generations have no money even wanting to buy cars…

Having said that I suspect they know something we don’t know, for example they are coming the solid-state batteries or something similar more radical …

Only one thing I know for sure that the future is much more disruptive than it looks.

As for example in the entire history of science fiction writing (as far as I have noticed so far) everybody would take an existing concept and pumping it up in capabilities so it becomes advanced and futuristic. However all initial intention and thinking existed only within the same context of that era of when the story or movie was created.

Such as in the 1800s since no having the concept of a flying machine the only logical conclusion was to take a ship and slap some balloons to it so it can fly the air, thus you have an airship. However this entire notion is completely outdated, since the concept of the aircraft is established both conceptually and technologically, you would never revert back to the old ways of thinking.

However once and invention becomes so fundamental to the workings of economy and society then it is unavoidable to become disruptive and throw all predictions of of the window.

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…women will grow moustaches and manipedi’s will be a thing.

Also not to mention about the three seashells.

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World Transformation Updates:

in December 2019 no one believed it yet …
People mocked, making predictions that women would grow a mustache o about the three seashells of temolition man film

Between February and March 2020 the corona virus arrived, people had to isolate themselves in order to be able to fight the unfortunate epidemics.
The isolation lasted intensely for a year and for another year severe discipline was imposed on staying at a safe distance from each other. all this profoundly changed trade and the way the system works, governments took advantage to change what was already not working well, and made laws to impose improvements in efficiency.
People having to be isolated and still having to survive, work from home and online sales increased dramatically, online services were made very simple, the signatories of these services grew even more making their apps even easier to be used even by children.
The shops disappeared completely, or were transformed into display windows with vending machines. The online sales services also developed for the local zero-kilometer sale, the municipalities began offering these services for their citizens of online sales in the neighborhoods of cities and small towns, this was especially important for food.
The artificial intelligence in this process began to show its true potential analyzing and helping to maintain order and suggesting transformation processes.
The garages of the houses were transformed into small artisan workshops, someone was able to transform the raw material, others were responsible for assembling the projects and then selling online, sharing and the online development of the projects became very common, and these online platforms that facilitated these services also began to grow.
Having a 3D printer and a CNC machine in these garages began to become a common practice … DIY became very useful and also fun, he had a new life, he ordered the raw material online, we saw tutorials of the projects on youtube and other similar platforms … and so on.
The gardens turn into sophisticated greenhouses, someone made vertical cultivation at home with uv lamps and so on …

Everything that was online increased attitudes, everything that did not require the use of matter began to move online.
Blender today, just as example became blender every day, well it was not forever like this, but triggered a new process that people got used to , and it opening up new opportunities. this is just an example, as practically the whole world follow this example of similar transformation.

The transformation process was by now triggered and certainly there was no going back. After these 2 years of emergency everything had changed towards this path and governments facilitated its transformation.
The new motto was zero pollution, zero waste of resources, maximum efficiency by exploiting the maximum potential of new technologies.

Pandemics, viral or otherwise periodically afflict humankind throughout recorded history, the 'Spanish flu" epidemic a hundred years ago killed 100 million people and by virtue I believe contributed too the eventual onset of the ‘Great Economic Depression’ which lasted for well over a decade. So doubtless Covid-19 will likewise leave a lasting worldwide impression alongside equally horrifying consequence of an increasingly warming planet, exponential habitat/wildlife destruction, overwhelming pollution, finite natural resources supporting an unsustainable global population, a rapacious capitalist aligned “Globalized Trade” system financially beneficial too but a select few, mass trans migration of millions via war and famine, xenophobic contraction exhibited by ‘first world’ economies…etcetera

Yes indeed 2030, I’d wager will be interesting, if not enlightening for better or worse, notwithstanding.

Spanish flu occurred before what was known as the Roaring 20’s though (which was a time known for prosperity and innovation). So it is a stretch to say that it was a cause of the Great Depression more than a decade later.

If we are lucky, what we are seeing now is a once in a century pandemic and we will not see something like it again in our lifetimes. The impact though will last longer, and believe it or not it might be to the benefit of FOSS (as millions find themselves unable to keep paying for always-online, rental only software).

guys, until now we didn’t have the internet and the ability to organize ourselves through it, we didn’t even have artificial intelligence and automation …
then update your forecasts by entering these data in the balance needle.

No not really, again the 1918 influenza instigated lasting economic consequences:

[an insightful article authored in 2007 predicting current events]

So likely increasing economic shock will gradually manifest during the aftermath which the initial genesis can already seen in realtime, across many economies/industry’s leading too another long-term economic depression, a forewarning I might add echoed by financial commentators and/or government agencies the world over.

Sadly, as of this today’s astonishing announcement by the World Health Organization, I’m fairly sure we’ll see another more severe outbreak sooner rather than later:

W.H.O. Supports reopening of Wet Markets where Covid-19 originated!