blender video editing is...

so F…G unstable its beyond everything i ever encountered in software world!!!
How could this be? I have 4 min music vid clip made from like 20 small pieces and now every mouse movement is a gamble with crash, when i want to click on other half of vid then it crashes most of the time.
Its like jumping on a f…g bungee knowing that your rope very often wont hold you and you WILL FALL.very exciting NOT!!!
I regret that i started music video in blender video editor and now i have to finish this but i never EVER EVER recommend ANYONE to use blender video editor for something with time schedule cause its crash after crash after crash.
This is just terrible,memory leak is over the top.I dont know, disable this thing or warn people at least that video editor is very very VERY unstable.
It is easy to work with but overall moving through video is pain iin the ass and very risky.
How do you people work with it, do you pretend it doesnt happen or what ? I had like 15 crashes tonight almost always when jumping to see other part of video.

Honestly I dont know why its even part of Blender at this point. It is probably one of the worst vid editors I have ever used. Spend under $100 and get Sony Vegas, its far far far far far far better. I like the idea of Blender including a video editor, but unless its going to be stable or intuitive and functional, it shouldnt even be there. Think of it more for testing purposes.

Worst of all its crashing during RENDERING, in the middle of the f…ing rendering!!!
I know some of You will tell me to render to pngs!! [email protected]! I wont!!!
Why i have to do it twice?!?! Render to png then use some other soft to render to avi?!!??!
Dont you think its juts soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong:mad:???
When im rendering in blender its like sitting on some damn timebomb and when people expect you to finish something a couple hours from now and you still dont have render then how the hell you think i feel about that crap editor.
SEriously i never had any software to crash on me during rendering damn video, its worst that could happen and IT IS HAPPENING.

blender is very bad, unusable :frowning:
we need a professional program!

we need skynet!

If you won’t render to PNGs then you have no one to blame during crashes but yourself. It’s not like the second render to avi takes a long time. I’ve personally never had a VSE crash, not sure where you’re running into problems. I’ve used it to edit videos much longer than 4 minutes with tons of clips too. Also, you’re whining about free software.

Don’t be impatient - render to images and reload as an image sequence, that will take you an extra four seconds. Then render out to your movie file type, and that will literally take you a fraction of the time because the vse is using opengl to render the frames out - if you don’t believe, try it.

See, the reason you would do this type of rendering to begin with is that it allows you to go back and use effects and other things to your frames, things that aren’t so easy to do when you aren’t sure of your render output. I use Vegas, and it takes freaking forever to render video if I’m working with HD.

Its great for compiling images into 1 file but yes after that I use something else. I’m happy its there.

Blender’s VSE can be buggy, but many of the bugs have been squashed lately. What version of Blender are you using? What is the media you are editing (highly compressed needs proxy work) and what 3D elements are you rendering, if any?

I have had issue with the compositor and mask features of late but not the VSE really.

2blackbar, what kind of interaction is giving you problems? Have you considered lodging a bug on the tracker?

If rendering is causing issues, then perhaps the codec is not set up right? But if it is reproducible then definately send a bug report.

It just doesn’t tend to happen.
Maybe it’s a bug in your Blender version, or some detail in the project/system/source material that causes the trouble.
If you had started a troubleshooting thread instead, you might already have known the answer.

VSE is great for all sorts of stuff, with serious gaps in some areas. It’s probably less suited to learn during a deadline crunch than other editing software, but that situation should optimally be avoided in the first place.

It isn’t crashy for me, but I do think it’s seriously lacking some tlc. Compared to the rest of Blender, it’s definitely the worst/weakest part. I tend to render a png image sequence and edit with the sequences in Premiere. Excited about giving Lightworks a stab when they release on mac.

I’ve also created sequences which have clips pointing to unrendered scenes. Didn’t have any problems with that, seemed to work fine, but I did have problems with transitions. Tried adding a simple fade, but it was very glitchy.

I also thought that playback was terrible. When editing, you need realtime feedback on how shots look. This was impossible for me with a 1080p png sequence. No doubt this footage is very heavy, not even Quicktime player will play those clips for me, but Premiere works with it no problem at all.

I have to say I have only really used it a for quite light duties, but I’ve never experienced a crash with it. Try a different version, or reset to factory defaults. I had a weird issue where whenever I added a curve and deleted the segments it would crash blender. Resetting to factory defaults fixed it for me.

And rather than coming into the general thread and complaining, possibly a better idea would be to ask for help in the support threads, maybe someone has a similar experience and could help you out.

Then it’s your problem :slight_smile:

Blender VSE is the best VSE in Open Source world… and this VSE is not made for video conversion :P, so render to those png’s and stop yelling like an idiot :wink:


First, use it, then you can write how bad it is :wink:

somehow they [project mango] managed to cut and edit in sound for a 4k video. so somehow it must be working :stuck_out_tongue:

Cinelerra? The hacky, abandoned, corpses? :wink: Kdenlive is… nice for simple stuff but for that PiTiVi is also…

Lightworks is nor FLOSS nor 100% OSS so it is other category :wink:

I use Blender VSE all the time, edited a load of videos in it already. I’m using 2.49 for creating proxies though, that never worked for me in later versions (though have yet to try 2.65), and edit and render in 2.5, as it seemed more stable than 2.6. I would’ve edited in 2.49 as well, except for the fact that it has a bug with reading movie files, where on some lines, all the pixels are reversed, leading to very ugly edges.
I do render to pngs, but there’s something going on with that, sometimes, Blender doesn’t write a proper png, it’s like it ends the file before it’s done. And that can lead to frames with black areas at the bottom, sometimes small, sometimes almost an entire frame. And sometimes it has the same problems reading a png. I get a video file with black frames, I check the png, rerender, and suddenly all is fine. It is very time consuming to check each frame in a 20 minute video @ 30 fps, so it’s just a matter of hoping Blender renders it all out correctly.
Jpegs render fine, but of course with more quality loss. Unfortunately, when I was in a hurry to get a video done, on occasion I have had to render to jpeg, as I had no time for rerendering.
It does crash regularly, I see the Memory count going upon each edit point, until it just gives up.
But it works, I can do what I want, add as many layers as I need (there’s been some edits where I needed quite a few). And with the versatility I want. Other editors don’t allow me to render to ‘weird’ screen sizes and framerates, Blender lets me, as long as the codec is up for it. I tend to want features from software that are not common. Even if I don’t always use it, I still want to have the option. Blender does that.

I have a feeling many people are using crap laptops meant for checking email and pissing you off.

This is a support request dressed in a rant.

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Cinelerra? The hacky, abandoned, corpses? :wink: Kdenlive is… nice for simple stuff but for that PiTiVi is also…

Lightworks is nor FLOSS nor 100% OSS so it is other category :wink:

Corpses? what’s corpses precious? (lol I just watched the hobbit again I couldn’t help it) Like I mentioned previously i’m more of a FCP person and both Cinelerra and Kdenlive are buggy as heck on Virtualbox, but in terms of UI and features, yes they are better than Blender (especially considering that they are dedicated editors, never heard of PiTiVi (honestly who comes up with these names), as you say, good for simple stuff, but I would say the same of Blender. The only advantage of using the VSE is that it is cross platform and even then, only the mac version is capable of editing quicktime, so again, I would not consider it better.
As for lightworks, meh, there is still a free version :wink:
I also just found out that OpenShot is gonna go cross platform, neat, I know it’s not relevant to the discussion but it’s still neat :slight_smile:

Anyways i’m not here to discuss “which program is better”, people do that enough with Maya and its annoying, my main point is that there is still a lot of room for the VSE to improve and it by all means should, blender competes with other programs when it comes to 3d and compositing, why not with editing as well?

If you choose to edit with the VSE I would definitely recommend using 2.65 with add ons, there is even an add-on that specifically lets you create proxies from your clips directly from the file browser, the VSE with add-ons is much more powerful than what is there by default.

+1 on the addons, haven’t tried them personally but saw 3poitnedit’s threads and noticed the videos on using them.

+1 on machine vs software - if you don’t set your memory limits higher in the user prefs, be prepared to suffer some frustration.

Here is a blog of multiple ways to improve the performance - like lots of linux, it takes some manipulation