Blender World Cup 2009

I was wondering when will be next BWC. Maybe you have some informations ?
Do you have any predictions about theme ?

Hi Kubeczek77,

We will be having another one this year, but unfortunately free time is tight this year.

Lets make this a quick shout out to anyone that wants to get involved to turn this thing around i need people who might be able to help with:

  • Recieving and processing entries (checking information, getting images online.)
  • Sponsorship for prizes
  • Translating the rules, theme, and entry form into multiple languages (would like to go international on this one this year)
  • Web development (secure image upload would be awesome)

If you are interested in helping out in any way please drop me an email/PM

I will aim for an August start, and will keep you posted.



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thank you for information.

I hope this contest will be running even if there will be no prizes. I had a lot of fun doing mine entry last year :).

Any updates? I have been looking forward to this years BWC.

I think I can help with the translating. I can do hindi and I think I can do basic french.

It’s nearly the end of August, any updates? I’ve been waiting patiently. I would participate without prizes also.

I wold also help with sorting out the entries, provided I can compete as well. (Don’t see why I couldn’t do both, but to be safe, I’m checking)

Only things I am waiting for is the theme and deadline :).

Any updates yet?.. :frowning:

Nikolaus told me to post…so I’m posting.

Any updates?

im supposed to post but idk what this thread is about i just typed in the comment box :slight_smile:

7 interested is more than enough to start the Blender World Cup…

We are past due, and this is a major Blender tradition. O.O

We should get one of the T-Shirt companies which you see in banner ads to sponsor us, they’d jump on this boat for sure, what do you guys think?

where the heck is it >_<

I was wondering what happened to the BWC 09. I improved last year working on mine and have improved since then. It would be fun with or without prizes. I am starting school next week so I will not really have the spare time to put full effort into it now. Might be interesting next year if 2.5 attracts a lot of new users.

Yah it kinda sucks starting it now, cause I’m going right into a full 24 months of hard core schooling, aka NOOO spare time. I really would have liked to enter.

yeah same deal here…full-time college student now, don’t know if i’ll have time to participate :frowning: