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Hey Everyone,

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I tried to sign-in with the user name of QuickSHADOWMAN, for that is who I am known as in all my other chats and forums on the web, even my ICQ, but it would only take QuickSHADOW and cut off the rest. Not nice, but in the sig I signed as “Rich Aka: QuickSHADOWMAN”, as I do in my other forums and chats.

The other thing was I clicked on the submit button and was returned to the same page, with my passwords gone and demanding that I fill out the areas that have a “*” by them. I did this several times and finally gave up and came in here to say something about it.

You can reach me at QuickSHADOWMAN- removing the blank and dash spaces, replacing with the “at” symbol. I would like to join this forum as I am getting into learning Blender, and will need the help of others to understand it. Thank you.

Rich Aka: QuickSHADOWMAN

Can you make it so we can use all of the smilies, like :cry: and :< with the smile?

Hi -

I cannot login.
Even when filling the login-form with the back-mailed username and password with cut’n paste, I get the massage ‘invalid password or inactive username’.

:< [!] :Z :frowning:

i didnt know youcould post when you wernt signed in? :o

Did you click on the link to activate the account?


A cannot log on. Maybe this is because I didn’t click on the activation email? I don’t know. If this is the case, can a new activation email be sent to me?

What happens is I’m caught in a loop where I get the fill-out-this-information form over and over.

Also, if I request a new password, and try to use it, the new password is rejected.

my email address is [email protected]


Hi, I can’t find the profile button to change my profile. All I have at the top is forum, pm, faq, and search. And theres nothing at the bottom. If you guys can, if you reply can you post a screen shot of your browser showing me where I can change my profile?


Something happened when I was cheanging my profile and
I can’t login now. My username is “strangeland”.
My email is [email protected]

Thanks for any help.

I’m not receiving any email notification of threads that I have subscribed to.

my profile is the same.

I’m not getting any email notifications on Private Messages anymore. I believe this happened since the server moved.

Can this be helped?


I am a registred user. Under the username Robin. But I was going to change my email adress. So I thought I should change it some days before I changed email adress (just because I wanted to do it then so I didn’t had to do it later). But when I changed the email and pressed ok. it came up a window where it stood something (I’m a lazy bastard so I didn’t read the whole but it stood something about changing email adress was a big step and I had to log in again or something) and I pressed ok for that too. And I ain’t sure but I think it stood in that message that they were going to send a new registration link or somethin’. Like I said when I changed the email adress, in my profile, I haden’t changed my real email adress (just the one I could edit in the profile). So now I can’t log in. Cause I never got that mail. So please send the email again. Please.

Forgot to tell you but my email adress is [email protected]

Your account has been activated again, don’t know why that happens now and then.


Can you say Reverse DNS :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, everyone.

hey there fellow blenders

i would like to know how to display a pic or animation next to my screen name above the actual post. do i need to be higher than a forum newbie? 8) .


[SPAM edited by admin]

Hello new to the forum.
I’ve registered but haven’t recieved an activation email yet.
Can someone help?