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Hi, it’s thorwil.

I wanted to change my email adress because i don’t receive notifications of new posts anymore. Tried it once, nothing happened, found still the old adress in my profile. Tried again to change it. Something went wrong. Now I can’t login anymore and according to the forgoten password form, both email adresses are wrong / the account is inactive (I posted mere minutes before that!). I did not enter anything in the new password field, so it should be still the same.

Please ignore above post, looks I didn’t pay close enough attention, sorry ;}

can some one clear my acount so that i may renstate my acount so i may use this forum

much thanks


looks like the domain made it’s self onto a blackhole list

Feb 6 19:25:12 lucindrea sendmail[13418]: ruleset=check_relay,, arg2=, [], reject=550 5.7.1 Rejected: listed at

Hi, I checked our ip address at that blacklist site and they say it isn’t listed. Maybe it was before and it has been removed now…


luci has been quite ambitious in reporting this, but that’s very much appreciated.

I’ve recieved a pm and an e-mail about this, and have solved the problem this morning. It was a good thing we were notified in-time because 3 blacklists had already copied the advise to block our server. I’ve removed our site from all 3 blocklists, so things should function again as normally.


hehe dont know if ambitious was ment as good or bad … i just know how quickly these things can become a major problem and i wanted to let you know as fast as possable. Glad it all got fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi my avatar picture has suddenly changed. Till yesterday it was a red smiley with sunglasses now it is a pixalated picture of maybe a scroll.

[EDIT] I have now changed my avatar to another one. But please do see how did my avatar automatically change. I don’t want to be surprised everyday with a new wandering soul of rejected avatars.

Hi. When I makes a thread, the color codes in the message are showing amount the text. Why is that? Anything I can do? :confused:

I passed al the steps from “stage.blend” but when i press ‘render’ at the end of the exercise, blender crashes…
I work with windows xp on a travelmate 4202WLMi duo processor 1.66ghz, 512MB DDR2
what is your opinion guys?
thanks in advance

Post about this in the appropiate support forum.

I was going to post a new thread on this. I’ll try here first. Here goes:

Blenderartists is deteriorating and not improving

There have been a load of locked threads on this one (you won’t lock this one as it is a sticky :)) but now it is well beyond the pale.

After all this time.
After Blenderartists launched almost nine months ago.
And we are STILL using the VBulletin theme!

I’ve read the replies to this concern - we are working on it. Fair enough. I am patient. That said, how is it that I accidently stumbled on a fairly complete test of a new theme months ago (as described in this thread here and that it still hasn’t been put into effect??

It looked perfectly fine to me. Where is it now?

For a forum dedicated to talented artists who are capable of producing great graphical content, this simply makes no sense. As a graphics community we should be showing off our skills not using a default theme! It comes across as lazy at best. If this is the main Blender community site, Blender will never be taken seriously until the default theme is removed and something better implemented. Why am I still looking at a vBulletin logo at that top of the page?

Perhaps the next defense is that content creation for a website takes time. Well look at this site here:

In a fraction of the time blenderartists has been up a single volunteer has created a site that well surpasses elysiun in every single respect (other than sheer number of members/posts). See it here -

With a site this big, some effort should be put into presentation. I assure you, most of us can live with a little downtime for improvements.

Elysiun was altogether better. I even got used to the theme there and grew to like it. There used to be content - community journals, a few tutorials and web chat. Blenderartists has not been updated in ages and there is no new content to speak of. All there that exists is a forum with a soulless, sanitised default theme. And that forum is deteriorating.

First I will start with actual improvements.

  • The search function is nice and handy.

  • It is easier to edit your profile than it used to be (more obvious).

  • The new threads “Forum Gallery”, “Focused Critique” and “Blender Tests” are intelligent additions.Here are things I have noticed in general and things that need improvement (and suggestions on how to fix them when possible).

  • I was very disappointed to find all my old posts on elysiun had vanished. This I was willing to accept in the light of future improvements that haven’t materialised.

  • When you get a private message, you probably won’t notice unless you explicitly check each time. This shouldn’t be so. It should be clear when someone is trying to contact you.

  • I still visit but thankfully I still get redirected to this site. Elysiun was a much nicer name than blenderartists. I am aware of the reasons of the name change (clearer purpose) so I am willing to accept the change.

  • I hardly remember seeing any locked threads on elysiun. Here they have increased dramatically. Perhaps this is inevitable as the forum grows or perhaps the moderators are getting “lock happy”.

  • The number of threads with trivial questions seems to have gone up (there were plenty on elysiun mind you). My suggestion is to have a tiny webchat window as seen on the indigo homepage (if you log in) here: This would allow people to solve niggling problems without having to generate a thread about it. It would also make the site feel more like a community affair. Elysiun used to have webchat but that is gone. This brings me to the next point.

  • An interesting and changing homepage. Blendernation is what Blenderartists homepage should be like - news and events relevant to Blender. Some new community journals appeared but that seems to have stopped too. As I said, webchat would be very useful. If this is site is nothing more than a forum, please remove the homepage and all those rather empty sections of the site.

  • Some characters such as Cyborg Dragon and Super-Wu Man are starting to dominate the forums. And not always in the “Off-topic Chat” section either. A little charisma can be nice and good for a laugh but too much of it will ruin the forum. Let us focus on artwork, CG and Blender.

  • Calendar? FAQ? These don’t do anything do they? The Buddy list idea is nice but hidden away.And finally!

  • If you are busy with work, if you do not have time to update the site then fair enough! Everyone has a life to lead. But please delegate the task to someone who is competent and enthusiastic! This is what happened recently with the gallery. It wasn’t being updated for so long that finally someone new was allocated to the job.The argument for the change was that if the gallery isn’t updated, people will think that Blender doesn’t produce quality work on a regular basis and won’t be taken seriously. The same applies to the main community forum that uses a default theme.

This is meant to be constructive criticism. If it is a rant, I hope it is a constructive rant. I listed a lot of things there and I don’t expect it all to change immediately. But for the love of god please change the theme already!

Change the theme and I will be pacified somewhat.


Well, the theme designer is said to be very busy, which is why Timothy is asking the people here to provide forum icons, which are the only thing missing for the theme to be complete.

Vanished, really? It might seem that way because the “find all posts” feature only displays the first 500 posts it finds. Would be nice to have that bumped up a bit (or simply remove this limit).

I think the “Unread: #” at the top makes it pretty clear that there are new messages you haven’t seen.

That is partly because of the “similar threads” feature, which displays old threads that people tend to bump. Another reason is posting in the wrong forum, which happens more often as more forums are added. And the other main reason decided to leave because of the “bitterness” this place was causing him.

Well, the theme designer is said to be very busy, which is why Timothy is asking the people here to provide forum icons, which are the only thing missing for the theme to be complete.

Frankly at this point I feel I could live without icons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vanished, really? It might seem that way because the “find all posts” feature only displays the first 500 posts it finds. Would be nice to have that bumped up a bit (or simply remove this limit).

My mistake, sorry.

I thought my old posts had vanished because I have gotten into the habit of using “Subscribed threads” to see my posts. Perhaps it would be nice if all the threads on old elysiun could be added to the subscribed threads list.

I think the “Unread: #” at the top makes it pretty clear that there are new messages you haven’t seen.

I don’t know about you but I would hardly call it eyecatching. As I said, you probably won’t notice new PMs unless you explicitly look.


Well, I guess the new design could do without the whole “Welcome, you last visited…, etc” part and just have a “new private message” notice to appear instead.

Hi, I just downloaded Blender, and want to start using it right away. I found some good tutorials, and I don’t need help with that. When I’m using Blender, (Windows XP, with Python 2.5) the mouse keeps dissapering. I’ll be moving along in the button menus, and the mouse will go away for a second, then reapear for a second. This is really agravating when you’re trying to start with new buttons. I would apreciate your help.
Thank you.

Don’t know why you posted here and not in Basics and Interface but anyhow, turn off Mouse Pointer Shadows (Trails) and SnapTo in your Visibility settings in Mouse in Control Panel.


What’s a donating Member?

A member who’s donated money?:stuck_out_tongue: