BlenderChar is no more

See here for more information:

I must say I for one am sorry to see it go as I’ve used all the tutorials on there apart from the lip sync and found it really useful and really liked the layout what you had done. I never quite understood why gabio didn’t move his rigging tutorial from elysiun over to it as it would have fitted in really well with the rest of the content.

Thanks for the effort you put into it as it really was a very good resource to have around.

I would have been more than happy to donate some recent tutorials. Of course, they are video tutorials.

Sorry to hear that. :frowning:

I’m sorry to see it go too WeirdHat. It’s been part of the learning experience here for so many people. If it hadn’t been for your site and it’s contributors, there’d be a lot more Blender-made characters out there with lifeless eyes and crimping elbows. Thanks for making these tuts more accessible to us at a time when finding tuts for Blender could take a lot of digging.

I’ve started my education about character animation from this website

Sorry to hear it WeirdHat. Thanks for letting people know though. If there’s tutorial lists out there, you might want edit the thread and remove any references to it.

Thanks for serving while you did. Your work was a great inspiration for me.

Thanks for posting as long as you did, those are good tutorials.

i m sorry to hear that really. The pixar eyes tutorial was one of my fav on BlenderChar … glad to know its still alive . now on wiki…

thanks for the great ervice to the blender army.

Well the memories will live on. WeirdHat your website was an inspiration to every Blenderhead.

Blend on!

I think you made the right choice. Now everyone go to the Noob to Pro Wiki and work on it, dammit! :slight_smile:

The site was hardly updated and there was no love in it.

im gonna miss that site, there was something comforting about it from when i began Blending up to now even. At least the things were saved, and a cute yet sad image of blendo leaving :wink:

you seem to be doing a lot of great things though so i think its very logical, good luck with all endevours Jacob you have my ultimate respect! =D

don’t forget, there’s still this baby:

sigh but yes, it’s just not the same

hm, i didn’t know you were in need of fresh stuff, i was probably a noob back when you asked, but yeah, that was an awesome site man,…kind of sad to see it go. but you’re right that it’s become somewhat outdated, as have most blender tutorials with this new release. maybe now that we’ve switched over to py2.4 there will be some fresh ones in the making.

Pity the site ended…I checked it for its very nice tutorials…and I think it is a great idea you move some of the contents to the Blender 3D Noob to Pro wikibook.


I’m sorry to hear thet BlenderChar is coming to an end.


Me too.


we should throw a going away party for Blendo. I’m gonna miss him, cuz he was D shiznit.

i learned how to rig following your tutorial. i don’t think i could have figured it out on my own or using the other reference material out there. i hope you stay active as a tutorial writer.