BlenderHeads from Africa

I just wanted to find out how many Blender are from Africa and from where exactly in Africa you come from?

I have come across a few users from South Africa on this forum before but am curious as to just how many African Blender users the are.


Well, I’m technically not so much a blender head as I’m just a follower - not too much under the proverbial modelling belt. And I’m from South Africa as well, which, I believe, is attached to Africa and somewhere to the south of it.


Can I come visit?

One of my many fantasy countries I would love to see.

Shout out from South Africa. Why so siraas? :mad: (Just a little Julius Malema related humour that possibly makes no sense to anybody other than from the Eastern Cape and an excuse to use a smilie.)

Hi Tyrant Monkey

Lived most of my life in Windhoek. Sorry, didn’t bother to read your location. So shout out to Windhoek and all my family there. Ciao, Dorian

One of my many fantasy countries I would love to see.

Ooh, another dumb American who thinks Africa is one country. NOT!! 50-something countries! Now where would you like to go?

I’m from South Africa, born there and I lived there until I was 6. But I live in Florida now.

my dad lived in Liberia for several years at the beginning of his life. (his parents were missionaries)
he has an…interesting story about his first ice cream cone. :yes:

Hahaha. Thanks for the correction. I would like to travel through the whole continent on my motorcycle. Like the Paris-Dakar rallye. Only not to race. Just ride and enjoy.

Maybe if I become half as smart as you Redjay, it will become possible.:wink:

@MentalKhandr ride through all 50+ plus countries of Africa! That is kinda of insane though the dude who played Obi Wan in the star wars prequels did something similar last year I think. though he just rode from north to south its still a long journey, this is a continent we are speaking of just to give you an idea of size you could stuff what was regarded as Western Europe in the 80’s into one country ( the DRC). Though for a yank like you I should maybe use Texas as an example. I don’t know every damn book from the States that I have read always seem to compare things to Texas.

@Dorro This is kind of small world freaky I think I remember a certain Dorian who worked with my Mom and moved to SA years back. Though you could be someone else… I have to ask without giving away to much I hope (considering this is the interweb and all) but your Mom wouldn’t happen to be a famous photographer around these parts would she?

I would love to hear a shout out from more African Blender heads, surely the must be people from Eastern Africa, Northern Africa or Western Africa on these boards.

@tyrant monkey. Lol. It really isn’t that insane of an idea to ride around Africa. One of my motorcycle trips was from south Florida to Colorado to North Dakota to Michigan to south Florida for about 5000 miles.

One of my other trips was in my old Toyota Landcruiser from Cartagena Colombia through Ecuador through Peru through Chile through Argentina for about another 5000 miles.

Those trips really are mild compared to these guys that do adventure rides. Linky > Here

I hope to do some of those more extreme rides soon. Maybe you will see me in Africa.

Err… Me thinks MentalKhander has no idea what kind of people live in most of Africa. Dangerous people, very dangerous, even in the more civilized countries. remembers why we left

I am well aware of how dangerous Africa is Redjay. The world seems to be more dangerous every day unfortunately. Very sad because there are such wonderful places to see and people to meet in this world. America does not appear to be so safe anymore either. A young man was just beaten to death (Not expected to live in intensive care I believe) in Chicago. A person should be careful at all times in this world today.

I was pulled out of my car at gunpoint by the Colombian military on a dirt road in a small village one time. But I soon became friends with them and we laughed and joked about my desperate attempt to use sign language to explain what I was doing alone in Colombia. Just one of the many memories I cherish.

Life is just to durn short to just sit around and work a 9 to 5 job everyday for a lousy 3 week vacation.
I hope you understand what I am saying and get a chance to get out and explore life.

Oh yeah…And Africa is something like 13000 miles around the perimeter I think. Not such a long ride at all actually.

ooooo, Sounds like fun, I like booby traps, just imagine how many damage can be done with all these possible threats.

Once you get a family, there is nothing sweeter than a 9 to 5 job, or more painful . . .

I also did contemplate riding around the globe on a motorcycle, sadly those days are well behind me now . . . I am quite fortunate to have some travel behind me, and yes wonderful places like Tanzania are on my cards.

Hope y’all get a chance to really travel - and meet some wonderful people (and the bad just to spice the stew up a bit )

kbot…Tanzania sounds great. You really must read about this trip these three Polish guys did. Great story and very funny also.

Lekker, bru! And other SA colloquialisms!

Born and bred South African. Used to be in KwaZulu-Natal now in Western Cape. Hoping to be involved in the first (too late?) BlenderConf ZA :slight_smile: Or maybe BlenderIndaba :wink:

@Wahooney all things considered ‘indaba’ would be the word, but if such a thing would happen that would be cool even a forum would be a start. I haven’t been to SA in ages I was studying at UCT till about 5 years ago would love to have an excuse to drop by.

The Western Cape would be a cool place to have it too :slight_smile: It seems to be the cultural/artistic centre of the country, cool scenery, etc.

If I ever have the time/money I would like to take this idea somewhere.

@tyrant monkey

Yaas, that is my mum. Your mum at The Namibian? Gimme a clue…

Hey there African Blenderheads!
Although Mauritius is an island off the coast of Africa, it is a part of it, so I guess I’m another blenderhead from Africa. I’m visiting the forum after a long time, and it was a coincidence that you were asking about others from the continent.