Blending Life 2: Jalynn

So, I decided I might as well enter! I’m going to base the model off of myself; we’ll see what happens! I know this photo isn’t very high quality and I’m sorta blah but it’s what you get for now, just so you can see the refs.


Starting to work on the loops–man, I am tired! I should go to sleep, lol.


Just another update.


At first, I had a bit of a problem cuz I looked like a kid and then I realized I was doing it wrong. I also just realized it’s almost three thirty AM. <<

DANGIT, BLENDER, why are you so much fun?? I really should call it a night now, though. <<


Reworked the face a bit; still working on stuff. Yes, I have funny, puffy cheeks because of salivary stones.

Thanks for dropping my and commenting on my entry… I thought I’d check and see whether you also had one (so many entering it’s easy to miss them). Yours looks like it’s taking shape nicely. It will be interesting to see the wire when those holes are filled in and the mesh really comes together.

You commented about ears in my thread. IMO they are the hardest part of the body to model. There’s a really good tutorial at

Edit: Darn - you filled in those holes while I was typing… would be a good idea then to show a wire. :smiley:

Forgot to add the pics. XD


Thanks, Lancer! I was thinking about the ears…AHahahaha, and thinking…I’m wondering how that is going to go? It has been so long since I modeled anything remotely human, much less high poly. Thanks for the tut.

EDIT: Ahaha, I totally screwed up on some parts of the mesh. I dunno but I’m tired and I totally miscalculated and ended up with some tris.

Hi Berry,

I think its going well. If I were make one criticism I would say that the loop that should go around the mouth and over the bridge of the nose is not there. Can we see the topology please?

Actually, it does go over there. Look at the second image. I’ll show the the topology once I’ve finished the ears/head. ^^

I just wanted to post an update here.


I wanted to post an up close version of the necklace.


Okay, my topology MAJOR FAILS. If people still want to see it, you can, but like I said, I seriously failed somewhere and it screwed up the whole thing. ALSO, I am totally not leaving the texture like that…and my lack of eyebrows…Nor am I doing to leave the normal map like that, either. I just…couldn’t stand seeing myself without some color. It was kinda freaky.

Next point is that, once again, I fail at making hair. I don’t understand how to style it well enough. That and hair particles go through my face and I look puuuuuurty freaky.



Lookthis video
and these two videos from Roberto Roch about hair.

The ears should be pushed in the head more.

Also don’t get too hooked on the reference images. The optics of the camera makes it almost impossible to match the head to 3D environment.

Close your eyes and use your fingers to feel the shape of the head. Do a calculation based on that. Feel how far your mouth is from your nose. Your nose to the eyes. Eyes to the ears and so on. Feel the bone structure under your skin. A head is very lumpy. Also no face in the world is symmetric (except Tom Cruises).

If you don’t like some part of the topology; erase that part. Just mark the vertices you don’t like try to figure out how it should look like instead.

Good luck.

You’ve made great progress CB, but it’s hard to tell just how great without wireframes. I’d like to see the ears closer to the head more as well. Bao2’s links to Robert Roch’s video about hair is really nice too. They’ll help alot. Check out David Ward’s tute on it too. He covers eyebrows.

Bao: Thanks! I’ll look through these in a sec.

Bigbad: Hmmmm…yesssss. I actually did some calculations based on that. But you’re right, with the ears. They are so much closer to my head than I thought!!

Perhaps I ought to post and circle. To be honest, this is the best head I’ve ever made. I’m sure if I pay more attention the next time I can work on making the topology look good. Thanks for the thoughts; I really appreciate it! I’ll go back and “think/feel” myself through this.

Anyway, guess I might as well post the wires. Like I said, though…they’re really bad. I’m sorta ashamed of them. <<

Somehow, I ended up with too many tri’s. I miscalculated somewhere…or a couple somewheres. I dunno, like I said, I was tired, and didn’t count right. In fact, I’ll just post the .blend file and I shall work on the ears. Don’t hit me too much because I know it’s bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your modeling yourself! WOW go you! KEEP IT UP!

if I were to model myself (although I never would coz I’m far too ugly) ,i would Get an eyeliner and draw reference points on my face so that, from cross referencing the front and side shots, I would know exactly where each point is in 3d space.

In fact you could even draw a rough topology!

tmcthree, much agree’d no further comment